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Named for lurid serialized stories (so like today's reality TV) that sold for a penny a copy in Victorian Britain, former National Spelling Bee finalist and multiple Science Fair award winner PennyDreadful has been mercilessly skewering reality TV since 2011, and cites MST3K as inspiration. Follow PennyDreadful on Twitter at @kcvinweho.
  • Just testing to see if commenting is fixed.

  • PattiPrincess

    Name game, what rhymes with Doofus?
    I’m actually going to give this serious thought. Fun Tuesday project.

  • The Critic

    These women do not act like sisters. A better name for the show would be “Four Women and a Fool.”

    I borrowed this from a commenter on another blog because it made me laugh out loud!

    Anyone else care to rename the show?

  • Myauntfanny

    I think QM was less irritating because Mariah was absent but also because she was allowed to stay in hotels during the the trip (Robyn too) while her beloved family dogpiled each other in their puny vans. Her reward for being queen, apparently.
    I think kody is working out in case he finds a 5th submissive, self hating Mormon lady. Please no.

  • I was DYING of laughter when Robyn was sitting on the couch and trying to justify her big, fat potty mouth that goes against all their religious piety. It was amazeballs because even though she didn’t flat out say the word, you know she would have if not for the camera crews.

    The Hubster caught this episode with me, he’s never seen the show before. He said Kody is definitely the type of guy who acts one way in front of the cameras and then when they are turned off he screams and yells and terrorizes everyone like a toddler in a tantrum. The Hubster says you can trust his opinion since he’s a submariner and he gets locked into a steel tube with 120 guys who all have Jekyll/Hyde personality. He’s good at spotting these lunatics.

    And finally, I am an avid RVer and Kody messed up with the shit valve. Here’s the thing, Kody you MASTER of all things: if your f_king kids had left the valve open from the night before, there wouldn’t be any shit to spill out on you. It would have just drained each time someone use the toilet. So obviously, you were tired and busy and you forgot to hook up the hose before you turned the valve. Even your reaction at the exact moment it happened told me it was your fault. You yelled out because you knew it was happening right away when you turned the valve with the hose still in your other hand. Ask me how I know this….

    Because my dad did the same thing and screamed at me and my brothers until the sarcastic kid that I was pointed out his valve theory flaw. And then my dad had to suck up and apologize because I am truly vindictive and will soak your hand in hot water while you sleep.


  • What Kody’s wives really experience when he gets frisky with them:


  • PattiPrincess

    Here’s possibly my final comment of all time as I’m possibly going to throw myself out a window because my 1 and 1/2 year old 1200$ iPad is messed up. I feel as taken advantage of as a woman married to the Kodster! Actually, it is creepy, similar to these Brown goofballs as in, I can fix all my computer problems by just throwing crazy, unadvisable amounts of money at the problem until we eventually just spend a fortune to buy a new thing we can’t really afford.

    All this angst started with me trying to comment for the last hour on your funny mini-cap. Usually I like to watch the show before I comment but this sitcom has become a tad boring. It feels like work to watch it. I mostly want to thank you for the “meltdown to end all meltdowns” line! I laughed so hard.

    Robyn BUGS ME!!! Bless her heart. QM is the worst but R gives me a whinny, creepy vibe. And I don’t care what anyone else says, Kody is ALL about Robyn, secretly wishes he could ditch the rest…maybe not Janelle, because as much as he seems physically repulsed by her she’s carrying that family as best she can! Go, Janelle!

  • The Critic

    Ha ha! Sorry – of course the fled for their lives. How could I possibly have forgotten. They remind us during every episode!

  • notwithoutmyTV

    >>>>Reminded me of how well they seemed to get along before the move to LV.

    By “…before the move to LV” I know you mean “… before they were forced to flee Utah FOR THEIR VERY LIVES under the cover of darkness… even though the only proof was hyperbole and hyperventilation from various Browns.”

  • The Critic

    P.S. Love the fireworks comment! (I’m sure he does.)

  • The Critic

    It was surprising to see how well everyone seemed to be getting along on this trip, despite being forced to spend all day crammed into a van or RV. Even Christine was surprised! Kind of refreshing, actually. Reminded me of how well they seemed to get along before the move to LV.

    Robyn accidentally let her rage out at that snow. Whoa!!!! Not sure that’s her best look……

    Agree that Meri was easy to tolerate in this ep. Again, reminds me of the old eps back in Utah where she didn’t act like the QM!

  • Chicken Lips

    Meri was actually tolerable this episode I thought. To be honest – I was in Cleveland in March when we got a freak snow storm that I didn’t know was coming and I bitched too, so while her tone was annoying, I get the sentiment behind it. But that was the only time I thought she was annoying…probably because she was just sitting back and letting the cluster happen since she doesn’t have a kid in the mix.

    However, I did want to slap Robyn into next week for various reasons even before the “Mother Nature is SUCH A BITCH” moment.

    Christine kept saying the kids were excited. I don’t think excited means what she thinks it means.

    As always, Janelle for the win.