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Everything you need to know about me is summed up by this story from the early 90s. I waited on Danny Bonaduce in a chain restaurant in Dayton, OH, and he was an ass then asked me if I knew he was. And I said, "Joey Buttafuoco?" I didn't get a tip but I amused myself so it was totally worth it.
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    Tag got OLD!

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  • When you said Julia was recovering from a gunshot wound but swimming in the lake my brain short circuited and went all

    “she’s going to rip her stitches and start bleeding and a freshwater shark who was genetically engineered is going to come and bite her and since it is a ghost shark it will disappear somewhere in the lake and then no one will know what happened until Julia’s arm washes up on shore and then we find out the dome was dropped by the ghost sharks so they could work on perfecting a sharknado before releasing it on the public outside the dome.”

    And now I’m disappointed that none of that happened and the dome is a little less impressive to me.

    Great recap!