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  • DAngelus

    Devin turned down the Twins, went to college, got kicked off the team, went to junior college and got drafted by the Cardinals in a later round, for even less money. He played part of ’08 in their minor leagues (most of the Cardinals’ minor league teams are called “Cardinals”, too; it’s branding) but missed ’09 completely, and not for an injury. Xanax rehab would make sense.

    Then in September ’09 he got pinched for shoplifting from Fry’s (an electronics chain) but was able to avoid any jail time and play for the Cardinals (again, way down in A-ball) in 2010. He was unimpressive and got cut. His daughter wasn’t even conceived at that point.

    He then played two years for teams in unaffiliated, “independent” minor leagues, where you’re trying to impress a major-league team so they’ll sign you for their organization. It’s a long, long shot to go from this to making the majors, though. And since these leagues aren’t covered by the MLB collective bargaining agreement, the players get paid next to nothing. (Some players sleep on the floor of the clubhouse because they can’t afford housing.) That’s what Devin walked away from when he got his baby mama preggers, and it was probably a very good decision.

    Thanks for filling in the details about the addiction, sarcasatire. Devin’s official explanation for his 2009 absence is “family issues” per Ed Brophy, but this makes much more sense.

  • itchy

    Hold on a sec. I thought he left baseball to be with his daughter? Did you know he has a daughter? Well, just in case you didn’t know, he has a daughter.

    I called the Adderall addiction from the first episode. And without a doubt, production upped his dosage. They’re slipping that stuff to him on the sly.

    I really enjoy how he’ll toss in those weird random smiles of his.

  • sarcasatire

    DAngelus…I read on another site something that devin was supposed to ave confessed in the feeds where he said he was with the St. Louis cardinals but ended up addicted to Xanax so he left them to seek treatment in rehab. Did anyone else hear about this? I remember him saying minor leagues, too… but the Cardinals are major league, right? I don’t know much about SportBall. lol

  • DAngelus

    What is up with Caleb and that black and white plaid shirt that looks like it’s from the Lea DeLaria collection? I know Ronnie doesn’t want Caleb to be a gay dude, and I’d rather watch Zach make out with Chief Wiggum than admit that Caleb might be straight, but I don’t think the lesbians are gonna take him, either.

    Would love for Hot Mom to give Roid Rage a (metaphorical) spanking. Too bad the stress is giving her a big ol’ chimple.

    Devin’s mom: “I asked God for 10 sons”…now I see where the greed in the family comes from. (Devin never came close to making the majors as a baseball player, but he was pretty highly sought-after coming out of high school. The Minnesota Twins drafted him in the 5th round, but Devin turned down about $165K in bonus money because he wanted to go in the first two rounds, where the bonus would have been over $1 million. Bird in hand, Dev…bird in hand. No, don’t crush the bird, you dumb ape! Sigh.)

    Mom may have asked for 10 sons, but she got 10 boys’ worth of misogyny and paranoia in just the one. Yay?

  • considerthis

    Tim Howard can’t even save this season.

  • sarcasatire

    If Amber gets evicted before Caleb, he’s going to go full GinaMarie. I hope Amber doesn’t leave any shorts around for him to cry into.

  • When Caleb stated that he wanted someone to cuddle with I thought, “God, you are so needy.” Devin and Caleb kind of remind me of teenage girls. Both of them must have the smallest nuts EVER. And Zach needs to find somebody more attractive to have a non-sexual, gay relationship with. Even though Zach is unemployed and a jerk he could do so much better than Frankie.

  • sarcasatire

    Word on the street (blogs) is Devin is prescribed (and takes) 100 mg of Adderall a day. The WHA? No wonder he can’t sleep, talks all day to everyone, and can’t seem to sit down and shut the eff up. He’s Amanda Zberg with bigger biceps. There was even a meltdown of him sobbing in the shower but they seemed to have kept it out of the episode. Remember when the feeds used to catch manly men jerking off in the showers while pretending to clean their ears? Now, they’re just sobbing into washcloths.

    I weep for humanity.

  • SecOfDefenseTimHoward

    Guys, guys. I just had an epiphany. Devin is Big Brother’s version of Coach from Survivor. He preaches the “integrity” of his game plays dirty, cries when people call him out, uses the opportunity to play the victim, then goes after the person who dared to point out the obvious hypocrisy in the name of “integrity.” It’s a never ending cycle. And it will be ten times more infuriating on Big Brother than on Survivor. Pass the vodka please.

  • Chicken Lips

    I haven’t been able to read all this yet, but isn’t Donny a little young to be a Vietnam vet? Do these people think he’s like Chuck Norris and came out of the womb ready to kick commie ass and take names?

  • itchy

    I blame genetically modified soy products for this sad state of affairs. These guys have all clearly been exposed to much too much estrogen while growing up.

    Used to be, even gay guys were men’s men. Now they’re just… straight? Wait. I’m really confused now too. Wahhhhhh!!!!!