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    Heather Keet the site isn’t letting me do this as a reply but on the dog issue. Honestly I would want to split them, because I’m not sure exactly who is telling the truth when it comes to who has the time to take care of them. Plus I really felt like Vikki was favoring Tina.

    Tina was the one who pulled a very shady move. The rest on who goes out and when could be just talk. You’re not going to say anything nice about the person you are fighting over your precious Dungeons&Dragons tee with. Hell no! Don’t want to give away the ending until the full recap but it’s too funny about the T-shirts lol.

  • I almost died when they showed the T-shirt collection.

    Hello, those shouldn’t be assigned to someone, they should be burned.

    I was bummed about the dogs, the Manly One flat out stated the Non-Manly One is flighty and doesn’t come home on weekends when she feels like going out. How’s she going to care for a dog??? This happened to a friend of mine in real life, within 2 months her douchebag ex-spouse dropped the second dog off with her because he hated the responsibility.

    Me Thinks Non-Manly will do the same.