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  • Kelli3222

    Yes, she’s pretty cool, said she was super excited when she asked Gordy what she should do & he answered. Unlike most cheftestents, she said when Gordon Ramsay gives you advice, you take it. WTH? I don’t remember any of the past dumbasses doing that. If you wanna skim through the podcast it’s here.

  • Redmeph

    You’d think, maybe, she’d say ‘Erm, no I’d prefer to look nice’

  • Redmeph

    She blind baked a pie crust? No, that’s for cheese-cakes and the like. Open top stuff. No need to blind bake pies.
    The thing I liked about Lisa-Ann was she made no bones about her troubles, but she soldiered on. She knew she’d fucked up, repaired it, and managed to serve something that wasn’t toxic. It ended up looking very much like a ‘Mum’ pie, but that was a lot better than some of the others.

  • Kelli3222

    Tosi looked like she was wearing a maternity dress plus she had on sneakers. WTF?
    Lisa-Ann was on a podcast, said baking was her weakness. She actually blind baked the pie shell, then while warm put the mascarpone cheese in. Yuck! Melted mush.

  • cattyfan

    So far this season my most frequent comment is, “What the Hell IS that?”

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  • JimbobJones

    Well, we now know where the person who dresses Gail Simmons from Top Chef does in her off season. She dresses Tosi.