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  • Aunt Dorsey

    Great podcast. Oh jeebus save us, the uterus that spawned Ryan, the walking PSA with Sylvester Stallone against using human growth hormone, wants to reproduce with Eddie and is test driving a poor innocent robot baby. Tammy Sue has got to be really desperate for a story line if she’s copying Kenya Moore.

    Phuck Bravo, the “arts” and entertainment network, they should stick to filming cooter waxing. They’re just jealous that your redubs are falling down funny — do your redubs with sock puppets, they’d still be hilarious.

    Sonja needs to put down the Sizzurp. She thinks her cooter is an Easy Bake Toaster Oven and she’s constantly trolling for snausages to fill it. The panhandling is getting really old. It’s like an overly botoxed Miss Havisham is channeling the Dollar Store edition of Eartha Kitt.

  • Stevie W.

    For 600$ she could have hired a real bear to come and strip for them… Hahahahahaha, omg I die!

    At 17 I did have to do the robot baby for 2 days and that solidified my desire to not have a child for another 10 years and always practice safe sex! Agreed, Tams clearly has nothing going in her life other than her courtroom drama.

  • distressed

    oh, and … Mark your calendars one and all. July 22nd: “The Last Leg” Sonja has a confrontation with Harry and LuAnn. Aviva makes her return to the group, which causes insults and accusations to be thrown around between the ladies.


  • distressed

    Good morning, guys. Haven’t listened yet, but you may be happy to hear that the RHNY ratings have been up the last couple of weeks.
    This week – 1.15 million.
    Last week – 1.27 million.
    Thanking you in advance for a great, as usual, podcast. Happy 4th to all.