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  • Big Pink Box

    It might just be that I’m really fucking cynical, and I hope to whatever deity Miranda believes in that I’m wrong, but it really really seemed like she was attempting a forced ‘outing’ of Gabby.

    My biggest ‘oh no she fucking didn’t try to do that to someone’ moment, the thing that proved my theory, was at the park. When her response to “Oh hai gurl, the gay black girl that you (allegedly) thought was a straight white dude? She’s not coming” was sobbing. Nax got played and they’re too stupid/high from huffing paint/worried about mommy dying of a Crohns flare to pick up on it.

    It’s a typical ill-thought out teenage plot, “If I fly out there with a TV crew then your parents will have to accept you outing yourself!”. Miranda’s headband was, no doubt, too tight when she came up with that one.

  • churble

    That was my concern too, Gabby seems to be legit going through some shit. Not sure entirely what, I’m sure coming out to her family is a big part of it as she seemed very nervous about them in general, but I’d be willing to bet that’s not all. And NO ONE is as forgiving as she’s being. “I’m in love with this guy… oh, he’s lying he’s someone else… it’s cool, I’m in love with that guy… oh, he’s actually a chick who lies repeatedly and stands me up several times… whatevs, love her!” Umm, no.

  • Big Pink Box


    She knew “James” was a girl, she knew her mother wasn’t dying, and she knew all too well that she was yanking chains left and right. Nev’s been acting like a strung-out tweaker all season, but son, Google exists. Hey Mev/Nax, they have that shit on PHONES! Did mommy look like she was six months or less from death guys, huh? Utter fraggles.

    I had the same thought as you about little – miss “Ooh look at me, I’m so quirky!”,everything about her was just screaming ” LOOK AT MEEEEEE!! I wear flowery headbands! I go across the country on a whim to see my fake boyfriend! My mommy’s dyyyyyiiiiing!” *stage swoon*

    She knew Gabby was a girl, and I fear for Gabby, who will be sucked dry.

  • Chaosbutterfly

    I was like….did she just say Crohns is terminal? Everyone is all sad and shit, and she’s there talking about oh yeah, James said that his sister had leukemia so I knew he could relate to me, and the sad song is playing and I’m like….is everyone in the same universe that I’m in?
    I mean, yeah Crohns is terminal the way that life is fucking terminal, in that yes, you will die. Eventually. Crohns is not like leukemia at all in terms of mortality, and Max and Nev’s dumbasses actually bought that story. They’re supposed to be google detectives but they ain’t google chrohns disease.
    Okay guys.
    I was so irritated by that whole thing that it made me definitely not like Miranda.

    If she would sit there and lie about her mom having a terminal illness…her own mother!, then just think of what else she could be lying about. I think she’s a drama and attention whore, and I bet money that all those huge crises in her life were a direct result of her own bullshit. Friends and family don’t just abandon you for no reason. Homegirl must have done something to piss them off.
    And you can tell how desperate she is for love and attention, because she went right back to someone who catfished her dumb ass not ONE, but TWO timesss. And who then stood her up on national television. And who then had the nerve to turn out to be a girl.

    But now she’s bringing her to bumfuck minnesota for sexy times.
    Way to have some self-respect Miranda.

    And the fact that she won’t get herself off the computer and go find someone in real life is really telling. I’m sure she’s one of those people in a small town who her fellow townspeople see her coming and they’re like…oh no, here comes that girl, everyone look busy.

  • Big Pink Box

    I wasn’t surprised by the sending at all. Didn’t Miranda say she spoke to “James” on the phone every day? How did she miss the fact that her bloke’s balls apparently hadn’t dropped?

    Oh, and what was with the whole “My mom has Crohns Disease” *kri kri* ” It’s a terminal illness” thing? Nev’s doing his best sadface, poor Miranda, but whosafuggawhatnow? Hold the phone, I’m DYING? Shit, better whore out my Amazon wish list while I’m still here.

    Crohns Disease isn’t a terminal illness. It’s awful, hideous business and you often wish you’d die, but it’s not fucking cancer or end-stage HIV/AIDS. There are drugs to suppress flare-ups, drugs to treat flare-ups, and surgeries to get rid of severely damaged pieces of gut. As an American, Miranda’s mom will have access to a far wider selection of therapies than those of us in the EU do.

    Right, I’m off to look for a coffin. I wonder if sell them?

  • Chicken Lips

    I was pretty jazzed that Miranda was all up in this catfish biz and did her own investigation. Unfortunately, she completed disregarded what she found.

    Well, maybe not unfortunately – in this situation, the Gabby was probably talking as her even though she was saying she was James Cameron, so Miranda really did become friends with Gabby.

    I think Miranda was looking more for a friend than a lover.