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  • sarcasatire

    “A bowtie to remind me not to swallow…ever again!”

    Ronnie for prez!!

  • I like the Roomba. That was the best bit.

  • itchy

    Yes, but, this is making me miss Elissa. None of these people are as ridiculous as she was.

  • RonnieK

    Thanks you guys! I love making these!!

  • CrazyTrain

    LMAO Ronnie i love you!

  • ChaCha

    I have absolutely no plan to watch any of the episodes, but RonnieK, you can bet I’ll be watching your videos. Saves me hours of time, and they’re waaay more entertaining (not to mention dead on). More Chenbot roomba please!

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Hilarious! This is always infinitely better than the actual show. Julie Chen as a roomba — hall of fame.