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Floshizzle is an audacious snarker whose passion is shredding any and everything. She's covered a diverse group of crap reality shows, from the daft adults in Dance Moms, to the cagey cast of Mob Wives. Floshizzle's favorite escapes include manic workouts and chocolate binges.
  • Floshizzle

    OhPuleeeze I agree I was elated that someone finally gave Kim a reality check. He may be up his own bum but so is she. Too funny about the wigs…I love Leah! The only reason why she sticks with Kim is because she’s extremely loyal to family is my take on it. No doubt she could have a successful career someplace else. China is ghetto through and through enough said! yellow stank. Fix the fried FRO already

  • OhPuleeeze

    That Jonathan guy is obnoxious I remember him from other shows..but I loved the way he knocked Kim off her throne she has self-appointed herself to. The way she treats her sister is disgusting and I’m surprised her sister hasn’t walked out and stayed out. China is a horrible person and if she gets away with hitting Anthony or anything else because he said things she didn’t like when all she does is make horrible comments and throw shade all day long. I can’t stand the ugly skank.