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If there were ever a situation where in which I had to choose between cheese and chocolate, cheese would win hands down. I spend my days writing blog posts, and my nights harshly judging people who appear on reality shows. If there is the odd weekend in which I am not working, or feeling smugly satisfied about my lack of my own reality show, I will build a blog for my friends. Then, I will spend the rest of my weekend conning other friends, family members, and general acquaintances to donate their talents to help out. I am shameless in my love of free stuff, blue humor, and great or even terrible fiction. I tell my friends that I watch reality shows to feel better about myself. In actuality, I watch them because I am vastly entertained by the things people will do to be famous. When Flipit asked me to join the TVGasm family, I was honored. When he said that I would be paid in Cheetos, I was TOTALLY in.
  • andre

    I hate Britt, she thinks shes so tough but i will beat the living shit outta her annoying, irrelevant, weak ass

  • Labowner, does this mean that they do manage to chase Jada out of the house? Because, out of any of them, she is the one that needs this the most. She not only has real issues to work out, but she is open to actually working out those issues.

    Plus, are you sure the replacement is from Mobile? Because, I just can’t deal with my home town being misrepresented this way. Loren is bad enough, but another ratchet ho claiming Mobile will make me want to punch a bunch of people in the throat.

  • labowner

    I Britt is pissed because Jada would rather cuddle with overweight Kelly Price and not take a second look at her.

    Plath there is a replacement from Mobile coming.

  • Is it wrong that I spent the majority of this episode retweeting mean things about Britt? Because it was very cathartic. I recommend everyone give it a try.

  • Classy, I’m so glad that someone else picked up on this. ALL she did the entire episode was talk about Jada. Jada didn’t even speak to her until Britt started that petty argument over the computer. There was no reason for her to be so extra unless she really hates the fact that Jada gets so much attention and doesn’t even notice that Britt is there.
    Not, that I can fault Jada for not noticing that Britt is there. The girl barely talks and never does anything remotely interesting.

  • Classy Drunk

    My goodness Britt, even if the producers are manipulating you, you do talk about Jada alot and Jada doesn’t seem to think about you at all. The problem Britt has with Jada is that Jada doesn’t give a two fucks about Britt. Even when Jada and Britt were fighting it was clear that Jada didn’t care about what Britt was saying.

    Alex I think thought it was a good idea to come on the show. I don’t think that she was going to fight people either way, but she might have been bad in other ways. But when she mentioned that she didn’t want to embarrass her family I believe she received a firm talking to from member of her family not to embarrass her or the family.

    Fyi Britt, we all can use some help. Even those you have it together. For example why do you feel it necessary to prove to everyone what a bad girl is?