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Hepburn hails from the City of Brotherly Love and currently lives in The City of Angels. It is her mission to live in every ironically-named city that exists. She loves "Improvisational comedy" (aka make 'em ups), Dogs, Cheese, BBC programming, Red Wine, Carbs, Ronnie K., Pinterest, Reality TV, her cute-ass family and snarky commenters. She is currently in desperate need of a vacation and/or drugs that make her feel like she's on a vacation. She's is specifically on a quest to find the (alleged) drugs from Mexico that Rachel Zoe gave Nicole Richie in 2002. She is also (obviously) guilty of TMI.
  • distressed

    It may or may not have been denied. And Jill Zarin must be out of her mind. She’s the one that introduced Dana Lavette Cody, age 30, to Nana Meriwether, future maid of honor, in the first place.

    Where are these love birds flying off to on their honeymoon? Necrophilia Island? I hear the Four Seasons there promises the best rest spot on the planet. However, no one rests in peace around George at least not those with lady parts.

  • distressed

    It’s supposedly been denied. But I can’t find the tweet that is being reported as “this story is fake” @abbamaggiebuddy @AllThingsRH @BravoTV from Andy. I really can not actually see the tweet. Can I get some help on this, I’m not even on twitter. Is this a personal message or something?

    Another website had the denial and called the story a “dubious” claim. I would love to agree but I’m super confused about where that tweet screen cap came from in the blog post.


  • hot cawfeee

    omg—–we knew western civilization was declining. SO the Geriatric, Fame Whore rapist is getting a spin-off.
    We called it here !!!!!!!!! Boy Jill Zarin is absolutely flipping out right now–no show for her!!!!

  • Since @bravoandy is so big on twitter I think we should all tweet him and tell him what a sucky idea it is to have a spin-off for the nuptuals of necro-rapist George. No one will watch besides Aviva thinks the hijinks of that perverted old man are the least bit entertaining.

    Maybe our gays can speak out on this. Do you find George’s remarks about raping Ramona’s dead body sickening and offensive? I’m trying to figure out why Andy would reward that pervert with a show? Does he not get it? Certainly anyone with a mother, sister or wife would find his groping, leering or comments offensive and disrespectful.

    I don’t tweet often but I’m going to tell him what I think on this one.

  • distressed

    They’re getting their own show.

    Radar Online is reporting that rapey necrophiliac George and his true love, Dana Lavette Cody, are getting a wedding spin-off. “The May-December couple’s impending nuptials ‘will be the focus of the show,’ an insider told Radar.”


    They just don’t understand that constant depictions of assault and abuse towards women are unacceptable. Good luck, Bravo, I won’t be watching. If I want to watch someone who threatens to rape the corpse of a woman walk down the aisle then I’ll tune in. Until then, good-bye.

    How much you want to bet the ratings for last night’s RH didn’t even crack a million? It was up against the new plastic surgery show “Botched” on E at 9:00PM featuring Pual Nasif and Terry Dubrow.

    Rapey George’s wedding show they greenlight, but a show with Paul and Terry from two different RH franchises they pass on. Great job, Bravo.

  • distressed

    No, we didn’t see her with an inhaler last season, nor did we see her with an inhaler when she went to the farm earlier this year to re-enact the tragic accident.

    July 22nd! Calendars marked. A day which “may” live in Reality TV infamy. I think it’ll be a scam or at least a bit of a letdown. Happy Birthday, OhP.

    Kristin vs. Heather is going to be a good one. I’m only slightly partial to Heather since the (cancer) luncheon, but I hope this one has some substance.

  • OhPuleeeze

    Why are Kristen and Heather feuding? What did I miss? July 22 is my birthday what a great gift!!! Have we ever seen Aviva with an inhaler during Season 1?

  • Classy Drunk

    July 22nd can’t come fast enough! I want to see how Aviva’s leg comes off.

  • Hepburn

    ok, guys, have some info on future episodes (thanks for nothing bravo.com!) the crazy train still has quite a few stops to make:

    97 16 “Go Yell It on the Mountain”[2] June 24, 2014 TBA
    Still in Montana, the women try fly fishing, skeet-shooting and repelling. The hostility between Sonja and LuAnn continues.

    98 17 “Bury the Hatchet”[2] July 1, 2014 TBA
    As Kristen and Heather continue to feud, the other ladies are all forced to take a stance.

    99 18 “Something to Sing About”[2] July 8, 2014 TBA
    LuAnn and Heather are chosen to perform at a jazz club. Meanwhile, Aviva makes the decision that she needs to take a break from the women.

    100 19 “There’s Something About Harry”[2] July 15, 2014 TBA
    Carole hosts a lavish party to celebrate her birthday. Sonja is presented with a present from Aviva’s ex-husband Harry.

    101 20 “The Last Leg”[2] July 22, 2014 TBA
    Sonja has a confrontation with Harry and LuAnn. Aviva makes her return to the group, which causes insults and accusations to be thrown around between the ladies.

    102 21 “Reunion — Part 1″[2] July 29, 2014 TBA

  • hot cawfeee

    distressed—-omg—-really—–bad enough we all have to wait–but its too much on the kinder—Milania is at breaking point now-I mean she totes operates there but youse guys know what I mean.

    Hepburn—you are most welcome love—-I keep my gimlet (vodka gimlet ) eye peeled for anything and everything. I am waiting to bump into Lu at any of the East End wineries—I am really liking this relaxed, not so Countessy Lu.

  • I think they just disabled them all together. Probably was more of a headache to manage that many comments on that many blogs. I want them back, the commenters are funnier and more entertaining than the actual cast blogs.

    Now that I think about it, maybe that’s why Bravo stopped the comments. They don’t want to admit their cast members are not as funny or witty or entertaining as they think they are. And they don’t want us to realize this and stop watching.


  • distressed

    Bravo website? JHC. I’ll look around for any bits and baubles, but this week was really strange.

    No comments are being hosted at all. Not OC. NOT NY. In the Wednesday time frame when I perused the posted blogs I first noticed this. I watch and read OC, but never comment and it’s the same for that franchise. Earlier this week, comments for previous week’s blogs were still there, but not the current week. Now all comments seem to be gone. LoL is the same, but there are few blogs there to begin with. Even BH blog comments are missing. All weeks, all shows, all blogs, no comments. Not even Kandi’s wedding.

    Has anyone ever seen that before? This is a whole week now they can’t get their act together?

  • distressed

    The wheelchair was totally the producers. However, they screwed up, they forgot the banner: Cough, Cough, Aviva. You made it! Good for you. Cough, cough.

  • distressed

    So sad. how much more can these kids take? The sentencing has now been pushed off from July 8th to September 23rd. So instead of the kids having school vacation to hide from the stories, now they have to be in school when and if their parents are dragged off to jail. At least one of them is going to prison.

    I’m not watching NJ. I’ll just read the recaps, they are more than sufficient.

  • Classy Drunk

    I’m not sure Aviva understands sarcasm or she’s just an asshole. Kristen didn’t need a doctor’s note you might just have asthma, but asthma so bad that you can’t take a trip to a place that has cleaner air than you breathe on a daily basis?!?!?! Ummm yeah sorry. I don’t believe you.

  • distressed

    And supposedly he wasn’t the sick one. He was only 63 and it was reported that the kids had to call for help, neither Joe nor Teresa were home when he collapsed dead. This is so sad. Those poor children.

  • distressed

    There is a Belgian connection. Maybe dual citizenship?

    Her twitter handle is @unenaomi, her actual name is Naomi Meulemans and she says that she’s an Art Conservator for the Belgian Consulate. She also has a LinkedIn profile Belgium.

  • distressed

    The key on the reunion will be how many episodes they schedule. Those haven’t been announced yet. The ratings continue to suffer. This week they barely cracked a million: 1.01 million to be exact. And Bravo bumped NY out of the 9:00 spot in lieu of People’s Couch. Sad.

  • distressed

    Crazy blog, wow, I read it too and the animosity is just transparent. And she said that her doctor was credible because he’s a “doctor to the stars.” What does that mean? If the doctor has fmous clients then he/she is a better doctor? No. It means, the doctor knows how to deal with unreasonable demands. That’s all.

    And your point here is so true. I don’t know that much about asthma, but how does she not have any kind of problem revisiting a dirty old barn on a smelly old farm just weeks before the Montana trip? I think that’s because she’s selling her book in one case and would have to deal with direct questions in the wilderness if she went to Montana. And why didn’t she just say: I can’t fly?

  • distressed

    Great recap, Hepburn, thanks.

    I agree, Montana was GORGEOUS and George-less. I don’t think Montana compares well to Morocco or St. Barts, but it was nice to see an episode without the perverted Aviva sex drama. I didn’t mind the Aviva shown this week, the one who is riddled with medical problems, doctor’s notes at the ready and Legionnaire’s disease. I still don’t get why Ramona and Sonja are such staunch defenders of Aviva this whole season.

    Anyone notice that Ramona said she was on Xanax and valium in the “bag of crazy” scene, then she popped a pill right before she opened up the pinot once they got to Beaver Cabin? I don’t think that was party smart pill. If Ramona thinks Asthma is “some serious shit” then what is she doing mixing? It’s the absolute worst combination of drugs, ask Whitney Houston.

    And I agree with Luann. What would Sonja say if she heard something similar about herself? Would Sonja have a problem if the facialist said that she couldn’t give it away at this point, which is exactly what I’ve “heard” from people in the “beauty industry.” How would Sonja like that?

  • OhPuleeeze

    Hepburn..could you tell the person that runs this site that every time I log on my virus protection blocks a trojan.botox virus?

  • Hepburn

    Hot cawfee- I love when you’re caffeinated!! Thx for Papa G info. I just went to TMZ to read about it. Wow. Their family is getting more and more like the Godfather each day. Really Sad stuff.

  • Classy Drunk

    Oh no! I hope that they families were getting along. I don’t think Joe or Theresa could handle if they weren’t and he passed away.

  • hot cawfeee

    Oh before I forget and to drag anyone down but Papa Guidice passed away suddenly yesterday—I believe it was a heart attack.

  • hot cawfeee

    LOve Moonstruck—–loveitloveitloveit—and I think it should be made into a Broadway Musical–there I said it, put it out into the universe and it cannot be taken back!!

  • hot cawfeee

    Just 2 words——-Beaver Cabin…………learned a little too much this season about the ladies’ cooters….
    ok-back to reading

    Oh–and if Aviva is as severely asthmatic as she claims, she should not live in Manhattan and I am still puzzling over “allergic to horses”…that like little hc telling Mama Cawfee that I was allergic to lima beans-didnt work then , doesnt work now.

  • I think Pickles said she was from Belgium.

  • MK

    That creepy cowboy at the store reminded me of George McFly without the racism. All spazzy and twitchy.

  • Hepburn

    Agreed, CD! Aviva wrote that Kristen was the one that insisted she get the doc letter in an earlier convo. It will be interesting to see if the gals call Aviva on any (all?) of these lies at the reunion.

  • Classy Drunk

    When Aviva went to the country to visit where her leg accident happen how did she not have issues with her asthma then?

    She is super delusional and if you read her bravo posts you’ll see she seems crazier than ever.