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  • Whatwhat

    Let’s hope that this year has people that are less … everything that last season was.

  • I already hate Frankie. His interview made me hate him.

  • itchy

    They’re going to try Elissa out again. They’re completely rewritten her programming and given her fresh UI upgrade. Elissa 2.0 will be a HIT guaranteed.

  • itchy

    Something tells me CBS was ex-x-x-t-r-a careful with casting this year.

  • This season’s contestants are all very… Clean. They look well-washed, the lot of em. Even the redneck and the skeezy stoner.

  • Classy Drunk

    Don’t do this Itchy!

  • itchy

    Yes! And the porn-star kid with the mohawk! And his insane girlfriend! Best BB ever!

  • blazergirl

    Is that the season with the winner (Adam?) who is currently in jail for using his winnings for a drug smuggling ring?

  • itchy

    I hope they bring back the entire cast of season 9 (the winter season). They were delightful kids! So polite and cultured.