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Stewart Webb

  • dangerously8

    And therefore you knew the fa cup was played in Wembley

  • momosays

    And I know what the FA cup is! Boom! 🙂

  • momosays

    Ok, I know I comment on every recap to say how great they are but this one takes the cake just for the Seinfeld reference alone. “Stuff your sorrys in a sack mister!”
    And I was waiting for the whole “Oh no Sansa’s unconscious, let’s jam a needle in her to wake her up and possibly kill her” for like 2 episodes now, jeez 24 you’re letting me down! Butttt you are right, who is going to emerge as the next villain now that Lady Cat has had the emotional revenge she was looking for? Is CoS just acting like a total idiot or was he secretly working to get the Pres killed all along? I guess I never realized how much I missed this show! Thanks again for the recap!