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  • Stevie W.

    As one of those who dropped RHNYC and just stepped back in I have to agree with your assessment on the drop in numbers.

    1. I honestly thought that I had skipped 2 seasons until I listened to this podcast and realized no there had just been a really long space between seasons. I think part of my confusion was because i dropped cable during this time too.

    2. I mostly stopped watching because I found Heather so abrasive and annoying. Either she had dialed it back a bot or I am a more tolerant person this year…. could be both I have had a hell of a year and I need escapism more than ever. Also Aviva, FFS that woman is such a delusional, exhaustive and terrible person. She literally sucks the air out of every room and scene she is in………I just cant with her, I can feel my anxiety rise and mentally zoning out every time she appears on the TV.

    3. And finally scheduling. Because I am one of those moms who constantly watches Bravo (mostly to mock and ridicule), I tend to get caught up in whatever is on after the kiddo goes to bed. So between RHOC, LOL, RHNYC, RHOA (also not giving Kandi’s wedding a separate title has caused me to miss so much Comcast just has it labeled as RHOA and I thought it was MORE of the past reruns of the prior season) all being on Sunday, Monday and sometimes Tuesday nights I get completely confused and wathch whatever is on……. this has lead to some dark discoveries on like 100 Snorefest Days and Shahs. THANK spaghetti monster MDL is over because those hags are so boring and the best part of this season was the reunion with them all wearing Gretchen Beaute’s signature orange pancake makeup complete with excessive eye makeup.

    I cant believe you even mentioned JZ name, you know mentioning it too many times will make her appear out of no where. Her google alert probably picked up this podcast and she was like BBBOOOBBBBAAAYYY call up the kitty litter gossip websites and let them know that fans want me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Skipper

    Burl Ives!

  • distressed

    I know it’s so tragic and this is not the one with all the heart issues whose in and out of the hospital, this was a 63 year old man in seemingly fair health. It was reported that the kids had to call for help, neither Joe nor Teresa were there at the time. What a tragedy.

  • distressed

    Thanks for a great recap guys.

    Ratings for NYC are still plummeting:
    This week 1.01
    Last week 1.12
    Prev week 1.13

    I agree with some of the reasons stated on the podcast as to why this season is scoring so low with viewers. If Bravo hadn’t waited so long between seasons they would have done better. Coming off the Slutty Island episodes last year they had a chance to rebuild after the massive firings from 2 seasons ago. I just hope that Bravo understands that these shockingly low numbers are not the women’s fault but their own. George? Almost two years inbetween seasons? And now changing the line-up? RIP NYC.

  • ronniek

    That’s so sad!

  • TN Gal

    Joe Guidice’s father dropped dead today in Joe’s backyard. They think it was a massive heart attack.