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Floshizzle is an audacious snarker whose passion is shredding any and everything. She's covered a diverse group of crap reality shows, from the daft adults in Dance Moms, to the cagey cast of Mob Wives. Floshizzle's favorite escapes include manic workouts and chocolate binges.
  • Floshizzle

    Do U (interesting name by the way, yeah right) so what if you like Kim. Just because I don’t doesn’t mean I’m jealous at all. Do you have a crystal ball? If not you don’t how much she makes without the show and you sure as hell don’t about anyone else.

    She’s 50 lbs overweight in the beauty industry plus she thinks people will respect her after watching her staff have physical fights in front of customers or at all? We we all know reality TV is scripted much of the time but regardless, she looks like an idiot bragging about her wig line and her salon when she doesn’t bother to fire some of these people. I support successful women, but not ones who are selling out for a reality show. She’s only part of the reason there is a show. If it weren’t for the physical fights she allows, she’d be off the air. Sad but true.

    You get a life and don’t post if it bothers you so much. End of. Bye!

  • Floshizzle

    Anonymous I have given Kim props for being successful many times. I really liked her at first. However, my problem with Kim is the way she treats her sister, employees and runs her business. She and her family have built the business together. Why keep people like China and Dontay for instance, when they are a direct reflection of her? She has double standards for her employees. It made no sense whatsoever to send China out on a the video shoot after the way she treated Vivica Fox. How did that benefit her business? Instead it helped someone else’s: Angela’s

  • Do U

    I like Kim Kimble. …. No matter what negative things people may say but she’s on her money something you people wish you had. Plus you made her more successful just by watching LA Hair. Trash talker don’t know how…. Get a life cause I’m pretty sure Kim go to bed at night just fine…. Haters hate success. …

  • Anonymous

    I never understood why people continuously watch what they call “ignorant television” when no one is paying you to do it. Just don’t watch it and you can save yourself loads of irritation. I commend Kim Kimble on her success. Many people start businesses every day that may or may not make sense but lots of them become very successful. I’m sure Steve Jobs didn’t have many supporters at first but look at what he’s built.

  • Floshizzle

    Your Mother, no tea thank you. I do appreciate your offer! I’m I always okay but you are obviously not because you sound very confused. Exactly what are you calling “racist innuendos” in my recap?

    If you are going to throw that word at me based on a reality tv show recap and find your perception so important you bitch about it, back it up with actual statements from the recap and then deal with the fact that your comments are just an opinion, not reality. Your perception of my being racist is just that, an opinion, not reality. Just like mine is that for you to be so quick to call someone on a trash talk site such a strong word speaks volumes about YOUR being racist. So tell me what exactly I’ve written in a reality show recap that is based on what cast members do on the show, that qualifies me as “sounding racist” in your opinion and what race you have perceived me as being racist about? Do tell.

    Have you even watched this show before? If you’re so concerned about what you consider racism that you name call after a recap, the behaviors we sometimes see on the show must be terribly upsetting for you! Do have your tea and perhaps make it a Long Island. Enjoy your day!

  • Your Mother

    You sound racist! I believe you can successfully talk trash without the racist innuendos! Drink some tea, you’ll be ok!

  • Floshizzle

    haha! Is it me or do Kim’s weave or wig whatever with the curls looks beyond cheap?

  • Floshizzle

    OhPuleeeze I agree on Kim. She has the common sense of a fruit fly when it comes to anything that has to do with running a salon. I think Kim is really jealous of Gretchen because of her looks. She was extremely fake/borderline nasty if you watched her facial expressions. Haha I agree Gretchen will go on any reality show, but only with Slade. Next up: Storage Wars or Big Brother.

    I cannot stand Naja, China or Lisa. Thanks for your comment and your compliment! Keep coming back (:

  • scooby

    Oh. that is hair? I thought she had dyed BB and sat him at the top of her head for safe keeping while Abs is in Australia. Broadway Baby-sitting in more than one way!

  • Floshizzle

    Ty for being so supportive! The great flood that we had last week in our home will take one to two months to repair, so I’m a walking anxiety attack! The Jerseylicious show was sorta okay in the beginning. I am more familiar with people like Kim Kimble. Don’t know about you, but why all of that fake hair? Looks like she had puppy die on her head

  • OhPuleeeze

    Kim has gotten so obnoxious this season….calm down honey….you are not a superstar and without your sister you would have to close your doors..there wouldn’t even be any shampoo in the place..not that I have EVER seen anyone get their hair washed in that salon. Naja is the WORST…and I swear Gretchen Rossi will go on any reality show there is…she will probably have her car break down so she can get on that show where they tow the cars. Thanks for the recap…it’s great!

  • scooby

    You’re a great trashie recapper when you can this show and make it sound like something I’d want to watch! Alas, I just can’t get into this one. Ha I watched “Jerseylicious” so that is a bit of a twist for me to say that L.A. Hair. Don’t watch Jerseylicious anymore, IDK, it got kinda silly or I came to my senses. Maybe I missed Olivia and Tracy fighting, they have almost made it civil between them! Came to visit to see how you managed to do on this show. Hey girl, I almost ran out and bought this series on DVD!!!! Very good. I’ll ck in now and again to read. Too good to pass up whether I am dedicated to the show or not! Nice recap.