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  • RonnieK

    Having a Live Feed Recapper audition!

  • RonnieK

    I have put the forums back up after some debugging and tweaking. We need live feed recappers though! Just wrote an article about it. Don’t you think it’s time you got down to writing, itchy?? Have you ever done yoga without a yoga mat?

  • That thing in the first picture looks like a rocket or something that should be at Disneyland next to Space Mountain. Does anybody know if there’s a “jack shack?” If not, I would wear flip flops in the shower.

    AWWWW, a picture of Lane. Thanks. The memories are just squirting back into my memory.

    The reason I like you RonnieK is because you’re klassy like me.

  • HandyManda

    I think we should have a pre-emptive prayer before the season even starts…couldn’t hurt right?

  • Classy Drunk

    Geezz! Have we ever needed your prayers this early in the game spike22?

  • MissKris

    I’m really hoping we get away from the house vote thing and hopefully there’ll be room for individual thought and votes. For me the unanimous house vote is the major boredom contributor to the show.

  • spike22

    2 teams picked from the beginning? America voting weekly? 2 Hoh’s? Battle of the Block? I’m starting off very skeptical about this season but I’ll give it a try for old times sake. Maybe we’ll be able to get away from the whole “house vote” thing. *shrugs*

  • Chicken Lips


    Just to tide you over.

  • itchy

    With any luck, they’ll bring back Duckface Elissa, so we’ll have Ronnie’s awesome imitation to look forward to all summer.

  • MissKris

    Please tell me there will be forums. There’s no way I’m watching BB16 without the forums, if it’s not happening this year I wont even bother tuning in to the show, and will catch the recaps from time to time. BB is just not the same without my forums and spoilers!

  • itchy

    Even better : Sanford and Son.

    What about the feed forums? Are those happening this year?

  • Chooch

    There are 2 memory walls because there will be 2 HOH’s each week who will each nominate 2 people for eviction. That is part of this season’s new “twist” that Julie announced today on The Talk. Both HOH’s will not be immune from eviction either. There are other things that will change the game from week to week. Check it out here:
    For other news and gossip be sure to stop by Trash Talk Big Brother Fan Page on Facebook. The new cast will be revealed tomorrow and I will have the scoop on who the returning BB vets will be. https://www.facebook.com/bigbrotherfansite?ref=hl&ref_type=bookmark

  • blazergirl

    Ah man, the Big Brother house as the set of The Cosby Show would have been the best ever!!! Ronnie, why the hell aren’t they consulting with you about this first?