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Lying and deceit are my stock in trade. Not only am I English, but I'm incredibly sexy too. I'm an atheist who works in marketing, so its a good job I'm an atheist. I've gone freelance again, despite the fact that the last time I tried that I nearly starved to death. So in about three weeks, that guy at the bins, that'll be me. Check out my occasional Blog at www.redmeph.com
  • Chaosbutterfly

    I’m pretty sure Courtney is not a an aerial dancer. I’m pretty sure she’s just a regular ole round the way skripper. Perhaps she does a couple of flying tricks on the pole, but besides that…yeah no.
    And even if she really is an aerial dancer, for her to be doing that in a “gentleman’s club”, there’s nothing innocuous about it. This isn’t Cirque du Soleil. No one is here to be shocked and amazed at the artistry and grace as she flies through the air with the greatest of ease. If Courtney is an aerial dancer, she’s wearing a flesh-toned g-string, body glitter, and nothing else, hanging from a hoop in the ceiling.

    Personally, I don’t mind Ahran hating her. I don’t really like her too much either.
    Her reactions are annoying and over the top, I’m tired of the phone sex operator voice she uses with the judges, and I agree that she just overall comes across as a very fake person. And I’m sure Courtney has done/said some things to Ahran that remind her of those girls in high school who were pretty and popular, but were really shitty on the inside.So Ahran can hate Courtney all she wants, and I’d approve.

    But I think Ahran sowed herself a pretty ugly crop by carrying on like that in front of the judges, especially Bastage and Gordo. I think Teddy honestly just cares about the food but Gordo and Bastage can be swayed by personality and conduct, respectively. If she thinks that they didn’t take note of the immaturity and lack of class she showed with that “fake bitch” crack, mama has another thing coming. I’d be shocked if that doesn’t get tossed back in her face at some point. If she was smart, she would have simply said that Courtney was a good cook and she wanted her out the way. If things went the way she wanted, Courtney would have gone home anyway so problem solved. No need to talk like that to the judges.
    Ahran should know that she doesn’t always have to speak her mind about everything all the time, but at 18, that’s an especially tough concept to grasp. She gonna learn tho.

  • Redmeph

    The only information she has given is that she’s an aerial dancer. That could cover a multitude of sins, or be a relatively innocuous job.

  • Redmeph – yes, in the US a “Gentlemen’s Club” is a fancy name for a strip club. Not necessarily a fancy strip club, in fact, at least in Atlanta, the Gentlemen’s Clubs have less Gentlemen inside then just about anywhere… But that could just be Atlanta. 😀

    I have no idea what type of strip club she worked at – and I haven’t paid enough attention, do we know if she was a dancer or just a waitress?

  • Redmeph

    Cattyfan nailed it, Evil Courtney does love attention, the whole ‘kissing’ thing shows that I think.

    I’m still not clear on exactly what she does. In the UK, a ‘gentleman’s club’ is a hangout for rich old men to read newspapers, it has no tits involved. So I’m just assuming based on comments that its a euphemism in the US for a strip joint.

    I have a feeling that although initially I started calling her Evil Courtney as a joke, it’s going to be well deserved.

  • cattyfan

    Courtney loves attention and has a high opinion of her own attractiveness…which is why she strips.

  • Redmeph

    That’s certainly a good point – I do think Ahran was just a bit more open about how many people were feeling. I did love the moment when she stopped herself from saying something like ‘shes a favourite as shes a flirty ho…oops’. I don’t think she changed the end result either, I’m betting Kira was marked because Francis B had done better to this point, and its too early to lose him.

    As for the missing ingredient thing, it is supposed to be a cooking competition so I still think it’s ‘better’ to give the stuff over. An ex of mine did claim that there’s no way I’dve handed the ingredients over as I’m incredibly competitive, and a tad (cough) selfish, and with 250000 at stake I think she might have a point. So if I ever seem like I’m taking the moral high ground, its a tragic farce.

    Apparently next week Ahran gets in a big fight with Malibu (according to Bastich’s blog)

  • A mom

    Mummy Butterfly, I had the same thoughts. We see a fraction of what’s gone on. Also, I was a rather introverted good student, never in trouble kind of teen. Courtney seems like EXACTLY the type of person I avoided. You know how Middle School is the worst time in a girl’s life because of the extreme cattiness & relentless drama? And you know how some of those girls never change, and carry that a Middle School crap into high school, college sororities, and adult workplaces? Courtney sure seems like one of THOSE.

  • scooby

    Love the show but I am still trying to figure out if there really this much competition in cooking, being a chef? These folks are out for blood now and it will only get worse. Got a feeling now that Ahran has spoken up, there will be no end to her from now on. Can’t wait to get the numbers down so the real heat will come!

  • TN Gal

    Thanks for the recap! I didn’t get the Ahran-Courtney bitch fest either, but I always wonder if there is behind the scenes drama that spills over into what the viewers see.
    Low country, in my experience, usually means the southern coastal part of South Carolina…Charleston, Hilton Head Island, Isle of Palms, Edisto Island, etc. They also speak an old language called “Gullah”, which came from the African slave origins, if I remember correctly. It’s a beautiful part of the state and the food is amazing.

  • Merry

    Ugh, Ahran. Just like two wrongs don’t make a right, being a bitch to a bitch doesn’t make you a nice person. Courtney’s evil wasn’t even very effective or smart and did she do anything at all to Ahran to incur such bitterness? I’m no fan of Courtney’s, but Ahran’s just making herself look bad.

  • Eh, Ahran seemed very much like the girl who suffered from the “Mean Girls” in high school, and this is the first time she feels like she has a leg to stand on to be mean back. I don’t approve, and I don’t love her, BUT – I dislike Evil Courtney more.

    Sorry, if *you* forget an ingredient or don’t plan well, I don’t think it’s “the right thing to do” for another contestant to hand it over to you. It’s a kind thing, but I don’t blame anyone who said “no”. Not at ALL. What if THEY make a mistake and need what they gave you? I just don’t think it’s fair to condemn anyone for NOT giving away their ingredients. It’s okay to be nice, but it shouldn’t be expected in a competition.

  • churble

    I was sad to see Little Gordy out, I liked his sweaters. Nothing else about him stood out, but as shown by my liking Whitney based only on a yellow dress, good clothes go a long way with me if I can’t taste the food.

    I wish they hadn’t spoiled what Ahran chose for the other minis to make. Don’t show Courtney running around looking for yeast and then only one of the three options has yeast in it. Which, speaking of, couldn’t she have made a cake donut? Did it have to be yeast? I prefer cake donuts by a large margin, so it was weird to me that no one would go that way if they could have.

    I completely agree that Malibu is going to be a horrible leader, he gets angry really quickly and way overreacts. He also seems like the type to hold a grudge, which would lead to him pouting instead of helping if his team needs him.

  • No, I’m just glad to see you

    Ahran leaving any time is fine with me. I don’t want to be held captive to her teenage rants and “fake bitch” detector. Only a sophomoric mind would fail to acknowledge another’s skill and chalk it up to favoritism. I know it’s a contest but everyone seems happy to see someone fail. That seems odd to me if you love food as much as they say they do. You’d think they would admire other chef’s skills and technique. Bagpipes caught my attention from the first show so it was fun to see him come through with twelve unique flavors. I want to see more of what he can do. Malibu as a leader seems like a really bad idea. Can’t wait to see what makes him go from his inner beach voice to NY cabbie. Does he remind anyone else of Eric Roberts?

  • Honestly I swear I have not seen Aryhn until last night