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Miss Ellie Font

Miss Ellie Font is a former Army Brat, lives in the beautiful western United States, loves to travel, and has an extensive elephant collection, And thinks the world revolves around Vodka.
  • Linda M

    Mystery solved. The ‘fake Modigliani’ was a PROP painting, painted for the movie “An Affair To Remember” with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. If you look closely at the ‘television interview’ scene at 1:04 into the movie the painting appears in the background. Also, seems to still be in the same, or similar, frame. The rich woman that Cary Grant is supposed to be marrying is an art collector so the Modigliani would be a good artist to use. It is the same image. I am sure after filming those props float around and end up with people that believe they have found the ‘real thing’.

  • Bruce walking out on Kris at the Rock Climbing place is no better than that spoiled brat Kiley doing so…. They have no respect for their parents.. I’d STILL be walking funny if I ever treated or addressed my parents that way… You brats should be so appreciative and PROUD!!! Your father is an OLYMPIC ATHLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is SUCH an honor!!!! And your mother has raised SEVEN happy children! SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have any idea what that takes? A LOT OF SACRIFICE AND SELFLESSNESS…. Be grateful! Your Kardashian siblings did not have the blessing of a father by their side for along time… To walk them down the isle, to see them all grown up…. BE HUMBLE AND GRATEFUL!!!!!

  • scooby

    I am too Heather Keet. Yes that painting would have been good for a few episodes for sure. They can make a show out of nothing though. I remember watching back a time when they even used one of them sitting on the toilet for filler in an episode! I have a question…did any of the men on the show ever get a job? The brother? I know Courtney’s husband supposedly own a business, does he still have that? I am giving Bruce credit for his working days…he has lived with Kris for long enough to credit a life time of work! That poor funny looking man. I never know whether I want to put lipstick on his lips or just sneak up behind him and snip off his hair. For some reason I always hated when he wore the earring! On other men it does not bother me but Bruce…it does.

  • I am so glad that painting was fake. If it were real they’d get another 5 seasons MINIMUM to tout across my TV screen looking stupid. Or a spin off about having their third baby in a helicopter.

    But I enjoy the hell out of the recaps and the snark, so I’ll keep tuning in for more 😉

  • I’m not a KardashiFAN but I’m going to keep reading anyways.

    Because I can’t help myself.

    And it embarrasses me that I can’t look away.


  • scooby

    I’ve been thinking I might be able to get my hands on some of the old QT tanning stuff, it always turned orange…about the right shade too. And I have been doing some exercise to that song “I like big Butts…” Getting the old back side in shape. But I am having trouble with that sex tape! Hummmm…can’t get any volunteers. Getting close tho. Have some that said yea sure they’d lay me but they don’t want it on tape! Said they couldn’t have anyone find out. Geez now! Even if it means fame they won’t do it! Said they’d rather sleep with Bruce! I don’t look as bad as Bruce does! But I think I can talk one of my subjects into it. Now after all that planning, I think I will pass. Too much work applying that QT!

  • Clair

    you have to have an orange complexion too.

  • scooby

    Love the recap! Bruce needs the food truck, wonder why Kris didn’t buy that for him? So let me see, to get a reality show, you have to get haircuts, eat sandwiches, have a meddling ho on your back all the time, find a get rich scheme that doesn’t pan out for you, and talk trash in your vehicle. Hey where are the cameras… I got this one! Oh no, wait a minute, I forgot the most important thing, I don’t have a big bubble arse and no sex tape!

  • Rangers

    Is Scott’s “mobile office” a food truck? I love a food truck but a mobile office it’s not.