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Mis Red

MisRed is a trained chef, a director of supply chain at a beauty company, aspiring geriatric ice skater, who likes tacos and punching people in the face. MisRed is married to a Brit, referred to as MrRed, and is the mother of a Pin-headed Pitbull with the Zika Virus and a bi-curious Weimaraner. She recently relocated to Texas- or as she likes to call it "F*cking Texas."  In her spare time (?) MisRed is writing her first book.
  • itchy

    Wah! I can’t watch it. Fox doesn’t like France! Who would have ever guessed that?

    At least I have your recaps. Whew!

    Can’t wait until Kelly eats Meghan. That’s going to be fun. She should start with that “h” in her name.

  • Chicken Lips

    You have definitely gone above and beyond to take a big hit for Team Trashie. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MisRed!

    If I ever get on a reality show to marry a “prince” and I win, you are definitely invited to my Princess Coronation!

  • Pegalicious

    MisRed, there has been one thing and one thing only that has made this trainwreck bearable: your recaps. I suffered through the first episode (well, OK, I was playing Four Rivers so I didn’t suffer all that much), but you, you poor soul, must actually pay attention to the “action” so you can report to your avid fans. Thank you for stepping up and offering to recap the remaining episodes. Your sacrifice will not be unappreciated.

    The only thing I’m sorry to miss is the “reveal” when the princesses-in-waiting learn that their object of affection is Not Harry.