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Kristin Roe

I'm an animal loving vegetarian who feels that only people (and, particularly, people on television) are truly deserving of my scorn. I love to read and to write, and as I'm from New York originally, I am fluent in sarcasm.
  • Elvismama

    Agreed! What’s a week without the Abs, I ask you – a disappointing week. I agree about Marisol too – if she’s the smart one, that’s a sad state of affairs for the rest of these broads. And June Squibb was great with LaLucci (Eunice). Too funny. Thanks for reading!!

  • insanehousewife

    What’s up with the lack of “Creepy Abs”… I demand at least one appearance from said Abs if I am to put up with Marisol’s stupidity and lets not even mention her wardrobe. Who hires someone without checking references? And who gossips to someone you just hired?

    And I almost had a breakdown when I saw LaLucci and the Squibb (June Squibb plays her mom… love her!) sharing the same screen. I was squealing like a little girl…