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Donna Quinn

  • TN Gal

    Where has Snowshoecat disappeared too? Are we still nominating comments?

  • scooby

    Certainly a place where everyone will see it. All the trashed celebs will end up in the toilet eventually! In fact, I hear ALM’s next show is “I’m Dancing in the Toilet”. Of course, the toilet will get a remodel before she takes on the toilet custodian job!

  • TN Gal

    You are klassier than I am. I keep mine in the toilet, where ALL the A-listers keep their important awards. Emmy, Oscar, Tony, Grammy, and New Ronnie!

  • itchy

    I have a s-o-o-n-n-g in my heart!

  • snowshoecat

    Now why does a reply sometimes wind up lining up in the regular queue rather than the specific one?

    A aspire to figuring out this comment section. It may be the reason that I have no hope of receiving any award at all.

    That’s my story.

  • snowshoecat

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh poor Boo. Think of the NR as something to aspire to reaching. It’s kinda like its namesake: Sometimes when fame and fortune come too early, it’s all downhill from there for some people.

    Look up, Itchy. Look up to the stars and dream.

  • Chicken Lips

    The New Ronnie needs no care at all – it sits there all shiny and pretty. You can put it next to your leg lamp in your front window to display both of your major awards. That’s where I keep mine. 🙂

  • itchy

    Re: the proper care and handling of a Bonaduce:

    Speaking from my vast experience, I firmly recommend sealing one’s Bonaduce’s in glass, preferably under a vacuum. “It” gets all over the place if you let it.

    The Lucci fortunately comes with its own lubrication.

    I have no idea [sniff] what a “New” Ronnie requires. [sob] And frankly, [whine] I don’t want to know. [sniff] Really. [boo hoo]