Housewives, Hip Hop & Hypocrisy.
  • Courtney

    Hi! I saw your comment on Reality Tea about Heather Dubrow! I’ve been banned, lol, from Reality Tea and I’ve been dying to mention how The Dubrows look like Porky and Petunia Pig! Even more hilarious since they call themselves Mr. & Mrs. Guinea Pig! Could you mention that on RT because I’m dying to see what others think of the similarity?! 😂

  • yellowlabowner

    Can you train a bunny? Didn’t the kids have dog poop on their shoes? I just assumed that came from outside.

    How much money does Travis have? Who pays to recarpet their house every year?

    So what happened with Marie? She was scheduled to be a full cast member was busted down to friend and was the center of the drama all season.

    I am shocked that succcbus Courtney has found her way onto this show. Although, she has had so much work done I doubt I would notice her.

  • TN Gal

    That’s what I was wondering….why not Austin? It has a HUGE music scene. Much better for a musician, I would think. Oh wait, because the show is RHOD not RH of Austin! Whatever would Tiff do?! 😉

    I work downtown, just a few blocks from where most of the CMA crap took place. 85k people a day downtown, in almost triple digit heat. All I wanted was for them to get the hell out of my way AND out of my Starbucks!

  • L Newman

    Ha ha! So sorry. But if he was a real musician, what the heck is he doing in Dallas?

  • TN Gal

    Sephora would send him into bankruptcy! 😉

  • TN Gal

    Great recap! I am glad I stuck it out with this show. Stephanie is definitely my favorite and a girl after my own heart, as I (ahem) may also be known to keep a bottle of Patron Silver in my freezer. *glances around for the side-eye*

    The friendship with Steph and Brandi seems genuine and I am glad Brandi will have Steph when Bryan walks out. We all know it is coming.

    Cary kind of won me over through the season. As I said last week, who cares how she got Mark? They seem genuinely in love, and if Dr. Creepster wants to buy her thousands of dollars in clothes and vacations, it’s his money to spend. I have always detected a note of jealousy from Loon about Cary. Obviously the tricks Cary may or may not have used to land Dr. Creepster do not work for Loon and Rich. I would *love* to hear the gossip on the charity circuit now that Loon has been exposed on national TV. You know those old money, charity circuit Dallas ladies are recoiling in horror at her behavior, and the fact that they could be associated with her.

    As for Tiff and Loon, they deserve each other. I think Tiff probably still parties from time to time, and I have wondered if Loon has been partying with her, thus explaining some of the rage she goes in to. But in reality, she is just bat-shit crazy and needs Thorazine and therapy, stat.

    Marie is meh. That’s all I can think of.

    Looking forward to the reunion recap!

  • TN Gal

    Laziness. There is no reason for an animal not to be house trained. Miss Agnes was house broken in just a couple of months. She would still have an accident now and then (puppy excitement), but for the most part, she knew to go outside or on the one puppy pad we kept by the back door. We dog-sat for a friend with an older dog for a couple of days, and after that, no more puppy accidents. If Brandi and Ramona do not know how to house break, use google. Reading and researching helped me to learn what to do and not to do as a first time fur-mom.

  • Glendadhaskins3
  • SofaTurnip

    Every reality tv dog owner just lets them dump all over. Started way back with Ozzy. The hubby and I are often commenting how gross and lazy it is to not train your dogs, especially when you can afford to pay for help and you know you will be on tv!

  • TN Gal

    Please do not send Aaron-Keith Urban wannabe to Nashville. I just got rid of all of those damn CMA Week tourists. 🙂

  • Judithjperez4
  • BrassMonkey

    I think maybe Rich genuinely does love LeeAnne, but he also fully recognizes her crazy, and he isn’t trying to be legally attached to that in case one day something really pops off

  • I also think that Tiffany was the one who actually told the story about poopy pants. Because the story that Brandi and Stephanie were repeating in the van was completely different than the story Tyler told them from Marie. I think Leanne doesn’t want to admit it is Tiffany. Tiffany looks completely guilty with the way she keeps viciously going after Marie in her blog, on Twitter, on the show. She is obsessed with getting Marie to admit she said it to let herself off the hook. You said it yourself Tiffany, there were only three people in that car. And two of them said they didn’t say it, Marie even swore on her child’s life. I’d like Tiffany to swear on her husband’s life, you know that bitch won’t do it.

    I can’t wait for the reunion, the previews look intense. I hope that Cary and her husband lay the heat down on Leann. Regardless of what rumors you’ve heard about someone’s marriage, you look like a ridiculously petty person by repeating them. And considering Leanne has spent her entire season talking about what a virtuous charity socialite she is, I’m not really sure how she’s going to spin it at the reunion.

  • BrassMonkey

    He doesn’t want his police pension going to the CVS cosmetics aisle!

  • Until that moment where LeeAnne was speaking with Rich, I truly thought she had her blush tattooed onto her skin. Now I know differently. She literally puts an entire pot of blush on her cheeks every single day. I’m not sure Rich is wealthy enough to afford that kind of blush consumption, probably why he won’t propose to her.

  • L Newman

    If Tiffany was so concerned about Aaron’s career, why are they not in Nashville?

    What is with these Housewives and the pooping dogs? (Hello Ramona!)

    And that follow up about Rich not proposing to LeeAnn? Classic.

  • glittangrease

    We knew Tiffany wasn’t getting that house tho. Period. Also Tiffany… SHUT UP.

    As I said before, LeeAnne decided a long time ago that she wasn’t going to take responsibility for her batsh*t behavior by constantly blaming it on her upbringing and surrounding herself with enablers. Her bf truly does seem sane, idk.

    Cary handled LeeAnne very well, IMO.

    Marie is just a disaster.

    I hope Steph and Brandi do run off together with the kids and $$ one day. Not to be creepy but they’ve prob already slept together several times. They carried this season for me.

  • MrsNoodles

    I am from Dallas.. My dog is trained.. most people I know have trained pets.. I don’t know what is up in the Redmond household..

  • BrassMonkey

    Heidi Dillon in studio and LeeAnne Locken on the phone