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Named for lurid serialized stories (so like today's reality TV) that sold for a penny a copy in Victorian Britain, former National Spelling Bee finalist and multiple Science Fair award winner PennyDreadful has been mercilessly skewering reality TV since 2011, and cites MST3K as inspiration. Follow PennyDreadful on Twitter at @kcvinweho.
  • PattiPrincess

    I just love this show, it’s unintentionally (?) funny and weird and creepy sad! Last night was pure comedy! I laughed out loud. It made me wonder how “in on the joke” they are? I’m one of the millions who checked out the MSWC site last year (more comedy gold) but just out of curiosity, no purchase intended. Nothing remotely, accidentally swayed me (there’s a bit of research for y’all at MSWC). After reading comments here I glanced at Kody’s twitter and it humanized them a wee bit. Bummer. Still eye-role inducing though. Also, last night watching I just kept thinking ” watch a few “Shark tanks” you dummy’s! But they mentioned that on twitter so they already got that memo. Looking forward to the recap. Also, I like Janelle and she is mostly exempt from anything I write.

  • Janine

    I only mention it because Janelle was nearly in tears that Robyn was named (by Cody) as the CFO. She had done the financing statements for their company, so really was already acting as CFO. But yeah, I’m surprised she was butt hurt about that as she has previously wanted nothing to do with MSWC. I would have assumed she would have turned down that position as well if she hadn’t been complaining about it.

  • Chicken Lips

    It made me so mad when Kody proclaimed Robyn CFO. It was clear Kody had no clue what a CFO is and thinks that’s a fancy name for “bookkeeper”. Not quite, doofus.

    I thought the presentation was terrible and that Stan and the Gang showed remarkable professionalism by not laughing so hard that they fell off the chairs because Lord knows I would have been on the floor.

    Anyone else think it is wrong to be touting 15 MILLION hits when you know that is all from the Nibby Nose O’Reillys that went to the site with no intention of buying? Just makes you look bad and incredibly deluded. Plus the kicker was:
    Dumdums: “We need money for marketing!”
    Moneyman: “What will you use our investment for? Marketing?”
    Dumdums: “Product development, genius. Can’t market if you don’t have eeven more hideous product. And you call us dumb!”

  • notwithoutmyTV

    Twitter was MADE for people like Kody Brown.

  • notwithoutmyTV

    Do you really think Janelle would have taken the job? Robyn is CFO, CEO, HR Generalist, Loading Dock Supervisor, and Data Input Specialist because she’s the only one who thinks their little cottage industry is more than something to keep the youngest, thinnest wife quiet.

    I’m sure Janelle keeps the family’s budget because it’s a good way to ensure her own kids don’t have to wear clothes from Wal-Mart because of Meri’s out-sized wet bar requirements…

  • KegLovesNorway

    Kody Brown is on twitter!? Guess where I’m going?

  • beachgirl

    but I forgot the most classic line in the show. Meri looking at Robin and saying, “I’m thinking of doing something for me”

    When does she ever not? Who can forget her insisting she get equal shares of the TLC largess, even though it means less $$ for all those other kids in the family? oR That Janelle bought the Lehi house, but Janelle’s kids are bunking 3 to a room while Meri’s spoiled princess gets her own room, cell phone, etc? That Logan got his siblings breakfast when Janelle was working full time, and got them off to school, and Christine fed them at night, while Meri stayed upstairs by herself making “healthier food” for her solitary meal.

    And remember when they were touring the landscaping of the new yards, Janelle’s and Meri’s houses side by side and Meri warning Janelle “don’t expect me to water this tree” that was just off her property line.

    Meri thinking of doing something for someone else would be a switch, not the other way around.

  • beachgirl

    Except the investors actually have money to lend, and all the Browns have is 1. a whole lot of debt, 2. a consistent history of bankruptcy – every adult in the group has filed, 3. a certain level of (welfare?) fraud given Kody is apparently not listed as father on his baby momma’s past applications (father unknown – or he’d be hit for support) and oh -4. the midas touch.

    What marketing plan can compensate for the inability to take millions of free hits — last years show was like a season long advertisement for their ‘business’ — into more than a few hundred sales? What idiot would invest $2.5 million into a business that at best is worth a few thousand dollars, if that? Particularly one run by a group of grifters, excepting Janelle’s valiant efforts to work full time to keep a roof over her kids heads and maintain some kind of credit history. She was the only one in the family to purchase a house and work full time – Kody and Meri were added to the deed later. In spite of having only 1 kid, Meri never worked more than part time. Christine was the welfare queen. All of the mothers, sans Meri, were on assistance. Kody worked ‘on commission’. Kody didn’t even apparently have a credit card good enough to rent a truck for the move – he needed Janelle to do that. You’d give these people 2.5 million right?

    Did anyone notice the episode guide said the Browns were seeking investors to help them hire staff because they were ‘overwhelmed’? What about all that free teen labor?

    Did anyone else laugh at Christine’s saying how she ‘really, really’ liked the idea of marketing for SWC, and remember her enthusiasm for real estate, which plummeted abruptly as soon as she realized she would actually have to go to work to sell a house?

  • ipuppy

    Kody was on twitter acting all entitled, complaining that the investors were ‘too big for their britches’. Unbelievable considering the Browns have 4 bankruptcies between them (or is it 5 now?) and their designs are truly shitty.
    And if Robyn has ‘worked so hard for 2 years’ on this project which she thinks will support their 25 person family, then why is she just now drafting the business plan? She’s completely ignorant and expects her ugly crying to get her whatever she wants. Then she ponders what could possibly come from QM getting an education!!
    I loathe these people.

  • Janine

    Robyn is CFO? Seriously. Janelle manages all the financials for the entire family and somehow they’re staying afloat, and she has an accounting degree but she isn’t CFO? What kind of experience does Robyn have with managing finances? None at all. These people have no idea whatsoever how a company runs.