• Bernice

    Luca got sent home because they wanted to draw viewers to the online second chance and figured many people would now watch it just to see him- and with three contestants each week, easy to keep him around for many weeks over there.

  • Chaosbutterfly

    I definitely blame the cowboy for Aryen stealing his mushroom trick.
    I understand his excitement…it’s the same way I used to feel in grade school when the teacher would be having people to the board to solve a problem and there was one problem that no one knew the answer to but me. Sure you’re swelling with pride and self-importance, because you are at least for that moment, the smartest person in the room. But under no circumstances do you lean over and give your neighbor the answer because hello, now there is someone else in the room who now seems as smart as you. Dummy.
    But yeah, Aryen is a total bitch for not telling the truth about where she got the solution from.
    She can’t cook though, so she’s gonna get her’s sooner or later.
    How the fuck are you claiming a global cuisine POV, but all your food tastes like a cheap airplane imitation.

    I’m ready for Kenny to go. I really don’t think he can cook and I find his personality, voice, face, and entire being to be really annoying.

    I’m really surprised that Luca went home so early, and actually the elimination was not fair to me. Sure, he didn’t look at the camera once in the whole 15 minutes, but that’s an easy thing to fix. And in the context of the challenge, his job was to teach me how to make his dish. He succeeded in that. If I followed his video, I’d have a plate of tuna and stuff. If I followed Chris, I’d have kitchen swag and greasy, half-raw wontons.
    And Kenny…I’d have a lukewarm pan, raw fish, and a handful of tears and bitter excuses.
    So why send home the only person in the elimination group who actually did the challenge?
    Lesson here….nobody says no to Giada. Poor Luca. I understand his reluctance, but he should have just closed his eyes, let go, and let Giada have her way with him.

  • Chaosbutterfly

    I thought Luca got sent home because he has no clue how to present the camera and didn’t even bother practicing before coming to the show. His English seemed fine to me, accent and all. And there’s no guarantee that a show of his own would be fast-paced, especially if his POV is I’m a hot italian guy making authentic italian food from my authentic italian grandmother’s kitchen….I watch Barefoot Contessa and Pioneer Woman and neither is particularly fast.

  • Hatched One

    In my family, green bean casserole is referred to as “Ugly Beans”.

  • asby

    Why are u on a tv show to get a cooking show when u can not make a gravy!!!!!!!!!!!! Then u do not get any food on the plate in the main challenge….should kenny have not gone home right then?? And Luca was good to look at…but had the personality of warm dish water

  • Pegalicious

    I don’t blame Cowboy Lenny for being pissed that Aryen didn’t do the decent thing and give him a shout-out for the tip. I have to wonder if Alton will find out where that nugget of wisdom originated, and if so, would he think Aryen was a bee-yotch for hogging the praise for herself, or would he think Lenny was stupid for giving her the tip in the first place. I know, I’m weird: I like “reality” shows where contestants are helpful to each other (such as “Top Chef Masters,” where the contestants usually respect each other and are willing to give a hand when they can), and I lose respect for someone who takes credit for an idea that wasn’t theirs.

    Poor Giada; her Italian stallion is gone. (Well, poor me, too; eye candy is always a plus.) However, I can understand the concern that his heavy accent would frustrate viewers who are trying to follow a recipe. English is an extremely difficult language to learn due to its inconsistent pronunciation. I’m sure Luca has a solid knowledge of written English, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he would be able to verbally communicate effectively in a fast-paced cooking show.

    Still not familiar enough with the ‘testants to start rooting for specific people.