Gay baby advocate
  • Ryan Lewis

    I agree with you, Limey T, Ellie is either super naive or desperate to get an American passport. How could she ever look at Adam again?!? He duped her to the utmost level: pretending to be a girl in order to learn her innermost thoughts, manipulating her into posting a profile to gain additional information and let’s not forget pretending with John (and countless others) to be this wonderful, sexy girl in order to keep them away from the object of his obsession not affection. All in all, Adam/Kelsey/idiot got off waaaay better than he deserved… I would have called the police. He’s obviously a sick, potentially dangerous, cyber-stalker with a questionable soul. Ellie, and anyone else who comes in contact with him should take extreme caution!

  • Limey T

    I enjoyed this episode, felt more like old school catfish. Although I was upset nothing got thrown in a river.
    John really impressed me, but it made me wonder how much he already knew because he was super mega calm. Either that or he has been through a loooooot of counselling because he had some serious coping strategies.

    Also, Ellie? What is she still doing with that freak? I thought that was the worst bit of the whole show, makes me wonder how manipulative he is / vulnerable she really is. Super creepy boy.

  • Big Pink Box

    My favorite thing was that he said he timed the machines so he always hit the “jackpot” and then I’m pretty sure we hear him say he makes about $60 a day and goes home.

    Playa’s stackin’ papers, gettin’ paid yo. I bet his double-wide be tricked out. Mad stylings, 56k dialup, a PS2, and his very own Real Doll
    that totes isn’t just a mannequin he found in the woods behind his kickin’ pad, and “modified” with a drill, and a washing up glove full of vaseline. All that good shit. Bitchez be all up in that guy’s shizzit. Don’t be hatin’ because you ain’t him!

  • churble

    My favorite thing was that he said he timed the machines so he always hit the “jackpot” and then I’m pretty sure we hear him say he makes about $60 a day and goes home. So basically you’re super awesome plan to make all kinds of money is to sit in that place, which you KNOW smells like a cross between a bowling alley and a nursing home, for who knows how long, time the machines, and win just a little more than a minimum wage job would pay.

  • Chicken Lips

    Was it wrong that I laughed out loud when we saw “Kelsey”? And I laughed the entire time that asspickle Adam was all, “I’m a playa playa, yo! Ise got bitches on the line as I use all those internet casino credits to use the actual internet instead of fun slots games!”

    John handled it much better than I would have. Adam’s face would have been pressed to the hot dog roller machine in the back (I’m assuming there is one – the internet casino I used to go to had free pop, snacks, and hot dogs all day).

  • AmberAtkins

    I totally thought john and Ellie were going to end up together. That would’ve been a great ending!

  • At this point in the game, don’t we all think that people are just doing this for a chance to get on the show? I mean in the beginning it was real and really interesting, but now I think people are just doing it for the show. :\