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I'm a finicky, easily-annoyed career gal who writes on the side. I'm a native of Washington, D.C., and I live in Virginia. I am single and child-free but not pet-free: I have a stinky male German shepherd teenager, a pumpkin-headed Ragdoll kitty boy, a spoiled Princess Arabian mare, and a darling lunkhead of a Buckskin Quarter Horse.
  • distressed

    Great recap MissKitty. I’m starting to like this show quite a bit. Thanks.

  • distressed

    It can also be “excuse me,” if someone bumps into you they can say “cheers,” instead.

  • distressed

    OMG, great scoop.

    From the Mail Online.

    “When Nat embarked on a romance with Kate Moss’s friend, model Annabelle Neilson, his family must have cast a jaded eye over his latest choice, whom he had met on a beach in India. They were even more horrified when, aged just 23, he eloped with her to Las Vegas, and married her.

    “It was a huge shock to Jacob and his wife, Lady Serena,” says a close family friend. “They expected him to date models and sow his wild oats – but marrying Annabelle was incredibly impetuous and obviously against the advice of the family lawyers. They were just appalled.”The girl’s party trick was to climb onto the dining table in her tiny dress and stilettos and dance amid the crystal and silver. Rather vulgar, I’m afraid. Nat’s parents predicted it would end in tears, and it did.”


    A Vegas wedding? How upper crust can one possibly get, darling? What a complete fraud.

  • Redmeph

    Just as an fyi, ‘Cheerio’ means ‘goodbye’. ‘Cheers’ can be either.

  • Dri-ter

    Noelle and those carpetbags under her eyes tell me the story of an average-pretty party girl going to seed who needs to feather that nest and FAST.

  • dri-ter

    HAHAHAHAHA. ok, i’m done. thanks for the image.

  • Clare s

    I agree but she was married to a man who is incredibly rich from a fairly powerful family.

  • Stevie W.

    Caprice had me in full giggles when she asked “Does he have full lips, like us?” And her big triumphant take over of the cover page from the duchess… Um OK

    Nopelle is clearly full of disdain for Scottttt. If he doesn’t have money why be with him?!?!? Infamy? Status? The look on her face every time they are together makes me feel sorry for him, especially when she announced to the group that “they” had failed to secure tickets with a serious side eye in his direction.

    Also every time I look at Caroline I only see uncle Leo, what has been seen cannot be unseen!

  • labowner

    Gestational carrier?

  • labowner

    Annabelle was nothing but a rich party girl.

  • Redmeph

    I think caprice is 42. ish. So although she does look odd, I think she always has done. So even without makeup, only hitting 2-3 out of 10 on the Lohan scale, and she must be taking care of herself.

    As for her going to the papers, despite the British tabloid press chasing every story they can about ‘celebs’, I think her main worry was that they *wouldn’t* have reported it otherwise.

    Marissa’s look was scorching hot. A lesson to the stars of MTV reality shows where attractiveness is measured by lack of clothes.

  • Janine

    Juliet looks, and sounds, like Stacey London from What Not to Wear. But louder and more obnoxious.

  • Clare s

    Here’s a little Annabelle gossip that I haven’t seen on here yet. Her ex husband is Nat Rothchild and he is worth about £500 million sweet huh. He is one of those Rothchilds (not every family owns their own bank) and is the future Baron Rothchild. In the divorce agreement he made Annabelle promise to never use his family’s name and she is not allowed to discuss/mention him or their marriage any where in public. They apparently had a short but very intense marriage.

  • LynnB

    Wait..she can’t be as old as Sonja…she’s pregnant…so I’m hoping she isn’t as old as she looks in that terrible pic. Silly me!

  • LynnB

    That guy Scott looks like a real mess physically and mentally..I don’t care how much money he is hiding….I have a feeling he needs to move in with this chick cuz he can’t afford his own place due to his ex wife taking every cent he has most likely. This recap was way better than the show! Is it necessary for the American women to go out of their way to be loud and obnoxious? No wonder the Brits laugh at us LOL..money hasn’t bought anybody class on this show! Where’s the Countess? I think Caprice is older than Sonja and her forehead actually moves so she also doesn’t have as much botox ..yet.

  • That jelly that women are always being shown spreading, or having spread, on their bellies is one of my pet peeves in reality t.v. I always think they’re going to grease up their vag and hump someone.

    Can’t wait til Caprice DILATES.

  • Scotttt’s whole head looks like a hairy, spanked ass.