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mcweanis is so. bajiggity.
  • melange

    I’m one of the few that didn’t mind Ygritte’s death scene with John. The battle clearly turned in the Crows’ favor after John killed the cannibal (you can clearly see them overwhelming the remaining wildlings in the background). So there wasn’t anyone really left to take him out while she died. Also, it was (a rare bit of) slow motion; in realtime it would be just a few seconds.

  • cattyfan

    “Your Honor, my client would like Trial by Combat. There is no Moon Door in the court room, is there?”

  • vallegirl

    I thought they did a nice job with Ygritte.I liked her as a character because she was always in control of her own situation, but her death made sense in context and she did get a sweet send off from Jon. It was sad and poignant and you couldn’t blame the child. It wasn’t just random, gory violence. I’m glad I didn’t know that people were cheering her death, though. She was a great character and I was sad to see her die, although, when the battle began I wondered (since I haven’t read the books) who among Jon, Sam and Ygritte would die. My money was on Sam.

    But I agree about Ghost. Man, he was pretty useless in the battle.

  • notwithoutmyTV

    I officially have “Game of Thrones” fatigue.

    It feels like “Walking Dead” fatigue, and a little like “Twilight” fatigue felt (except without the spectre of Stephanie Myer’s imminent death). You sort of warily creep through your day, waiting for the next pop-culture appearance of GoT to be forced upon you. Emblazoned on your cardboard sleeve of hours-old french fries, or co-branding the 4G network you should be enjoying the faster speeds of… while you download the latest controversial episode of GoT!!! Or having Mazda draw some nonsensical connection between its car designs and Tyrion on GoT.

  • JimbobJones

    You’re studying for the bar, McWeanis? Hope you aren’t using this show for inspiration (or maybe I hope you are).

    “Your honor, my client couldn’t make it.”
    “Is there something wrong, counselor.”
    “No, no, no. Nothing’s wrong. I just figured he was guilty, so I took care of it on the way in… now who’s up for a game of Kerplunk!?”