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If there were ever a situation where in which I had to choose between cheese and chocolate, cheese would win hands down. I spend my days writing blog posts, and my nights harshly judging people who appear on reality shows. If there is the odd weekend in which I am not working, or feeling smugly satisfied about my lack of my own reality show, I will build a blog for my friends. Then, I will spend the rest of my weekend conning other friends, family members, and general acquaintances to donate their talents to help out. I am shameless in my love of free stuff, blue humor, and great or even terrible fiction. I tell my friends that I watch reality shows to feel better about myself. In actuality, I watch them because I am vastly entertained by the things people will do to be famous. When Flipit asked me to join the TVGasm family, I was honored. When he said that I would be paid in Cheetos, I was TOTALLY in.
  • labowner

    Leave it to these idiots to be excited about driving to a lake an hour away when they are living on Lake Michigan.

    Can’t believe the Sugar Shack is still open.


  • classy drunk

    I want to see the doctor play more of a role in getting these girls some help. There are some serious issues here that need some resolution. To me this is more like Bad Girls of old where the girls learned something about themselves. Not that they changed any b/c Leslie from the first season is still a stripper even though she stopped for a little while, but at least they tried.

    The team building exercise was cool also. Even though I like the drama of the show it’s always fun to see the girls get along every now and then.

    Britt,Redd, and Loren still have not reason to not like aysia other than the fact that she came in as a cute replacement. Seems like they all wanted the affections of Blu and Aysia got them instantly.

    Redd, we understand that you are fat, but do you have to complain about EVERY activity. EVERY THING. It’s ok not to be good at it. Some people are skinny and they aren’t good a physical activities. Open your mind more and your mouth less.

  • stinkyhousewives

    I really thought Redd was going to be interesting on this show, but she has turned into a boring fat cliche. In fact, Redd, the constantly shrieking Loren, and that all talk no action invisible boring Britt, could all get the door. Maybe they will? The casting team made a huge mistake, epic fail !