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Floshizzle is an audacious snarker whose passion is shredding any and everything. She's covered a diverse group of crap reality shows, from the daft adults in Dance Moms, to the cagey cast of Mob Wives. Floshizzle's favorite escapes include manic workouts and chocolate binges.
  • Esmeralda

    I hope she NEVER outgrows it! I hope Chloe becomes the biggest brat on the show. All she has to do is sit back, watch Maddie, and take notes.

  • I love Dance Moms!

    Ok, if we are going to talk about some of the kids being bratty-let’s talk about others too! Chloe was such a brat when she found out that Maddie beat her when they competed with the same solo. I can’t believe that Chloe cried! I was also appalled when Chloe switched her solo with Kendall’s without telling Kendall. I know that Chloe likes to win, but what a horrible thing to do to a team member. Chloe has become such a brat, I hope she outgrows it!

  • I love Dance Moms!

    Whew-I was looking at some Dance Moms videos and was shocked to see Chloe and Paige dancing to stripper music in Broadway blondes! I’m so surprised that Christi and Kelly allowed them to dance in public like that!!!!

  • Floshizzle

    jaymie great post! And exactly what sweet are you having? I used the holiday yesterday to have some Ben&Jerry’s and it was so rich it was sickening, but worth the pain. My poor tummy didn’t recover for hours. Something about the summer and ice cream.

  • jaymie

    Ah…I see you guys have come here. I don’t check everyday so just read the other mega comment stuff and posted there, then see this one today.

    Ladies, we all know who these hit and run posters are. Its the same ole, same ole, exaggeration, false statements and contradictory opinions. What I have found funny from the start is how a select few will go on and on about Christi’s shortcomings and completely ignore the other mother’s who raise some eyebrows with their standards of living. Its just laughable, that Melissa’s backstory and actions are acceptable but everything Christi and Kelly is worthy of having their kids taken away. Their arguments lose their credibility because they are one sided.

    Christi and Kelly are drunks? Well please point me to any episode that points that out. I have seen them drinking but drinking doesn’t necessarily mean you are drunk. I haven’t seen any staggering, any slurring, any of the indicators that either was drunk. As for the NO fight, I thought it was fake. C’mon, if those women had really wanted to throw down, they would have done it. That whole thing was a set up. Flash forward a few episodes and there is Christi and Leslie acting as if nothing ever happened. So no follow up rancor over the fight except during the Jeff, I can’t stand it, I gotta be on tv, reunion shows. Not buying the drunken fight, nor any of the other times they have portrayed them to be drunk. I have seen plenty of drunks in my time, from tipsy to reeling and none of their actions belie being drunk.

    It all boils down to this: those people enjoy the fight, they enjoy spewing venom and getting everybody up in arms. Their posts are all geared to start a fight, they get off on it. As much as you want to decimate them, the best thing to do is ignore them. I remember when my son was young. That was one fit pitching kid. He would go into fit mode the minute things didn’t go 100% his way. It drove me nuts, he did it everywhere, the more public, the better. After awhile I decided to ignore them and act as if he wasn’t there. Within one month the fits were gone. We give em what they want when we lower ourselves to their level. I had my last say on the mega comment board to them and from now on I, for one, will completely ignore them.

    Let em spew and spit and bullshit. Eventually they will end up going over the top with a statement that raises the ire of one of those moms and they will get their arses sued. So let em run with it, give em enough rope and they will hang themselves.

    Climbing off the soapbox and going to look for something decadently sweet to eat.

  • Floshizzle

    Give Me a Break regarding deleting it, let me check and see what I can do. Oh haha on writing a novel, well no problem here with lots of writing. We have a lovely fresh home so we can all snark away. I’m trying to sway a bit more to talking about what’s going in the girl’s lives and careers. No 4 line limit Madame!

    We all have our days. If anyone tries to take you into Neverland with them with craziness, it’s more peaceful to a) ignore b) stand up for yourself then ignore or c) paint your nails and say eff it! Just my take on what keeps me more relaxed.

    I want to know if anyone is buying Holly’s book?

  • Give Me A Break

    Floshizzle,Your recaps are funny; always have me giggling and they are spot on. Is there any way to delete my rant that is above you? I am very sorry for posting a book, I seriously think I need to take more meds (or not)…Will try to keep it down to a dull roar (like 4 lines)! Thank you.

  • Floshizzle

    John Brooks wanted to reassure you (on our nice, clean recap area) that Ronnie has his eye on everything on the site as I always do and makes sure things are handled the most effective way for you all and the site. So kick back and enjoy the holiday! For our Trash Talkers who have had to experience Hurricane Arthur we are thinking of you and sending some pixie dust your way.

    That said, thanks to you and all of the Trash Talkers, we love you! Ready to start snooping for sickled feet come July 29th!

  • Give Me A Break

    Those LT trolls could not survive over here. First you need a brain and a sense of humor and they lack both. All that spews out of their vile mouths is pure hatred and jealousy of all things Christi and Chloe. ! I am surprised DCFS is not called on her ass as she leaves her children with their teacher who clearly is the Queen of pervs and dresses these children like prostitots performing provocative moves to make her perv fandom happy. She is a disgusting piece of garbage. Between her and Melissa; they are teaching brat maddie how to act entitled, backstab and lie! The kid cries at the drop of a dime, I mean how old is she, 3? She is not being yelled, put down or screamed at, what the heck is her problem? She is more drama than her younger sister MacK. Hasn’t any adult tell her that the plastic trophies she is winning are fake? That is is not real but just a show? I can’t stand the way she rolls her eyes and give attitude like she is all that. I can name 10 dancers off the top of my head that is so much better than her. With all her privates, she still isn’t up to Chloe’s skill level. Chloe skill is that of the better dancers abby has brought in not maddie! Come on, maddie knew she was going to be doing a duet with Kalani, they practiced it over and over; brought their costumes to the comp and had on full make up. Do they think everyone is stupid not to figure this out?! Melissa is a lying piece of crap who would backstab baby Jesus if it meant Maddie could get ahead. She is digusting on all levels for allowing ppl to use her daughter. I have no respect for Holly and Jill either. Holly was a damn educator; so to allow that whale abby to belittle and put down her own daughter for a few solos is beyond disgusting. Jill went and said on an interview that she did not make it to the top of the pyramid, okay…that says it all to me!

    Christi doesn’t kiss abby’s ass, she has been trying to get out of her contract, she knows abby is a piece of shyt more than anyone. After Kelly left, Christi is not allowed to be funny anymore. Abby is blackballing Chloe all over the place! Christi and Chloe was the ONLY reason I even watched the show to begin with! I can’t stomach this Maddie worshipping or abby’s disgusting obsession with her. abby said Chloe and the others are replaceable and she wants to clone maddie…something is very disgusting about her obsession for maddie!!! Christi is classy, Chloe is a wonderful girl who carries herself well and is a natural dancer! I am sick of watching Chloe “dummying” down her beautiful style as to not outshine maddie who has for 3 seasons been having privates and still still cannot dance up to the speed of Chloe.That is why Melissa and Abby are so jealous of Chloe; she has natural born talent! They are pathetic!!! No matter how much abby tries to sabotage, discourage and attack Chloe with her insane jealousy and negativity; Chloe wins; even if she does not win first place…she dances out every nuance of her routine with so much heart, I love watching her. I do not even watch the group dances anymore because it always features maddie. I am hoping that Christi can get out of her contract and leave that hell hole! Snark on fellow thrashies..I love it!

  • Floshizzle

    Definitely have your say with the trolls if that is the best thing for you. Remember arguing with crazy will make you go crazy!

    I wonder what happened to I love Dance Moms! Hmmm. Still waiting on my answers. Interesting. Well here’s your recliner and some lemonade Janet697.

  • Janet697

    oh my I can’t believe how horrible the other old comment site has gotten with the new batch of trolls. The nice part was being able to spout off back at them. This is like a breath of fesh air over here. I can sort of see again instead of just blurry crap so hopefully this is the end of crappy eyes, and the end of dumb butt trolls.

  • Floshizzle

    Aha! Thank you Dani. My eyes say thanks

  • Floshizzle

    Nah but if people are saying things that then nothing is as good as hearing the explanation. I’m all up for it. Bring it on because like I always say, by all means express your opinion about how people are behaving on the show but if you’re going to call someone “Nasty Drunk” or insinuate a kid is headed to ho from texting another kid, then back it up. We all know Chloe behaves in such a classy way that I have yet to see anything that would ever put her on that path. She has shown so much respect for herself, other kids, even the people in the hospice Plus I haven’t checked her phone to see who she is texting. She could be checking the weather. Plus texting a boy? Texting is texting.

    And Melissa is a whore. She has behaved many, many times as such. I have no idea what the other moms due but I do know they do not do those things on national tv.

  • Dani

    I got cut off. Sorry. I was going to say that you were way too nice to that evil troll that was bashing Chloe, but good for you. I can’t be that nice to someone spewing that trash over here. You have way more patience for idiots!!

  • Dani

    Ok, I finally made it over to this board. Lol. Flosh

  • Floshizzle

    This is all posted in response to the posts on the first recap of this episode made by I love Dance Moms! I’m not posting on the other one that had 391 replies in response. I created this spot so we wouldn’t lose out eyesight! But check it out posters if you would like to. Please post your responses on this one however or we will have no vision left.