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Lying and deceit are my stock in trade. Not only am I English, but I'm incredibly sexy too. I'm an atheist who works in marketing, so its a good job I'm an atheist. I've gone freelance again, despite the fact that the last time I tried that I nearly starved to death. So in about three weeks, that guy at the bins, that'll be me. Check out my occasional Blog at www.redmeph.com
  • Redmeph

    I love the team challenges! I am on board with the ‘you have immunity’ crap though. I think its just to cut down the number of cooks in the kitchen as they don’t give much time to each as it is, giving over far too much time to replaying Gordy’s pre-ad break melodramatic build ups.

    As for Ahran, and the other ‘unmentioneds’, at this point they must be doing ok. They are, more than likely, being deliberately edited out so their ‘stories’ become more dramatic later. I had completely forgotten her name when recapping this, as she hasn’t even spoken yet, and I felt it’d be cheating to look it up. Plus I’m lazy.

    In the end, it has to be accepted that Masterchef US is not quite the same as Masterchef in other countries, where it is far more a cooking contest. Gordy (and its him I blame) has brought in the Hells Kitchen theatrics that have made HK a solid ratings winner for the last 10 years – and he’s besties with Simon Cowell so he’s learned the ‘[Insert applicable country here]’s got Talent’ fakeout style he uses. I’m not claiming that’s original by the way – Simon Cowell could never be accused of that. Its just where Gordy learned it.

    @JimbobJones Ahran is her name, as Chris pointed out, she hasn’t spoken yet.

  • JimbobJones

    OK, I think I’ve got the most important question…

    Who the f*** is the Asian girl shown in the preview for next week? I literally have NEVER seen her before.

  • Chris Velazquez

    Man, these are the episodes of MasterChef I half fucking hate. I like the Elimination Challenges, but I goddamn hate the team challenges. I want to see anything else other than massive catering, that’s boring. Also, as per usual, I hate the damn “you don’t have to cook” bullshit, which wasn’t present in the first season. It’s a cooking competition, can’t they just offer immunity but still be required to cook, rather than “I know it’s a cooking competition, but you don’t have to cook this time”. Such bullshit.

    I’m bummed about Stephani leaving, I liked her, but goddamn did she had that tendency of over-complicating things for herself. Being creative and wanting to stand out is fine, but she should have gone for stuff that made sense, or at least, since this is still so early. in the competition, play it safe and make sure it tastes awesome even if it’s not super creative, that will at least insure you’ll be safe. And nope, sorry, I can’t stand Malibu Fuckface. Dude never shuts the fuck up, and I don’t care how right he was, I can’t stand the type of asshole who just constantly rubs it in people’s faces about how right he was. If there’s anything I wish for right now, other than a Big Willie vs Jaimee finale showdown, is to see this asswiipe go home soon, especially if Daniel is still there.

    And I wish the season was longer or just had less people in it, I hate not getting to know at least a bit of them. Ahran hasn’t even spoken yet. And being the youngest contestant, at a mere 18 years old, I wan to see what she’s made of compared to everyone else.

  • Redmeph

    The thing with less traditional flavour pairings is that it’s all in the execution. If Stephani had ground up the pecans (which on their own merits I do like) into the pastry, or chopped them into a pastry garnish, then maybe – just maybe – her idea would have worked. Who knows. Michael Chen tried cheese on the apple pie – and I bang on about it as it horrifies me – but yes its a well known, if slightly non-standard and bold move. Neither is the outrageous shocker the show made it out to be. Or me for that matter, but don’t mess with my blueberries.

    In the end, what really did for Stephanie and Micheal in season 3 were their fillings. Stephani’s was too sweet and his was very watery. It doesn’t necessarily make them bad cooks, as 75 minutes to make a pie? That’s a lot of pressure even if you know what pie you’re doing – not much time to compensate if you make a mistake with how much moisture you’ve let into the pie, or even if the time of year is effecting the sweetness of the fruit. (yes you ought to be tasting, but you’re rushing under pressure). Elise is a decent baker, but under pressure she failed. If, as Stephani and Michael both admitted, baking is not something they did up to Masterchef, then its a really chancy business.

    I know Michael Chen has gone on to work at various places and is by all accounts a good chef – I’m sure Stephani is too. It just wasn’t her week.

    @Pegalicious its just now airing on BBC – I haven’t seen it listed for BBC America yet. ‘Avast antivirus’ now has a tool that lets you mask your IP location, if you don’t want to use less well known software, and coincidentally I think that would mean you could watch it on BBC Iplayer.

  • Scoobygurl

    Cheddar on apple pie IS delicious.

  • cattyfan

    Don’t knock cheddar cheese on apple pie. It’s delicious.

  • churble

    Agreed on the pecans. I adore them, I will eat them in almost anything. But not in a damn blueberry pie.

  • Pegalicious

    Thanks for your recaps, Red, and for helping me keep the minis sorted out. Are you watching “Celebrity Masterchef” online, or is it airing somewhere over here? (Didn’t show up when I searched on my Time Warner DVR.)

    Even though Malibu was proven right in his call for beef rather than chicken, he still strikes me as smug and supercilious. Is it just a function of editing? Arrgh, I hate being manipulated by the Reality Editors.

    I’m a huge fan of pecans (pecan pie; butter pecan ice cream; pecans crusted with sugar and cinnamon; plain pecans…), but even I wouldn’t put pecans on a blueberry pie.

    At this point I’m not terribly invested in who stays and who goes (except, of course, for Big Willie).

  • churble

    I have the same top three as you, but Big Willie is my choice. Every time I see him, I picture him dancing with his family in his living room and it just makes me so happy. I can’t even explain why I like Cutter, but every time they show him and he’s just standing there vaguely smiling and I think “I like that guy”. And Jaimee is just adorable.

    Despite the fact that he was 100% reasonable and correct during the challenge, I still do not like Leslie. But wow did his pie sound amazing. I’m a sucker for anything with ginger, and I want his recipe right now.

    And finally, I think Daniel deserved to go home just for the stupid strategic move of saving Dan because he was afraid to compete with him, but keeping Courtney on the floor. She’s been good at everything so far, if you’re going to save someone because you’re scared of them, she’s the one to fear. Plus she’s been shown to have mildly evil undertones.

  • No, I’m just glad to see you

    Every time they do these wilderness challenges I’m pretty sure they always offer the same protein choices. Over and over we see the dopes pick chicken and pork chops resulting in the knotting of Gordon’s vocal chords as he shrieks raw, raw, raw. It’s like they’ve never seen the show before. Some people like their steaks blue and you have zero chance of making people sick no matter what comes off the grill. Not sure why everyone is so dismissive of Malibu Man but his gucci loafers clearly stepped in something since he has become the invisible man. He should keep his conversations strictly food related. I live in California and even I’ve never heard Malibu mentioned so many times. I think this competition is over Elise’s current skill set. When a baker can’t ace a pie how is she going to compete in the areas outside of her “expertise”?