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Miss Ellie Font

Miss Ellie Font is a former Army Brat, lives in the beautiful western United States, loves to travel, and has an extensive elephant collection, And thinks the world revolves around Vodka.
  • My God, I wonder if Vodka was invented because the universe knew these douches would someday walk our earth. Thank you for burning your retina and watching this so that I don’t have to.

    Kourtney needs to stop her bitching and hire a f_king nanny with her money so that twice a week she can sit in a salon and “find time for herself.”

    I want to shank them all, except Scott since he did point out Kourtney’s brainless delusion about her “busy life”. But I’m sure he’ll worm his way onto my Shank List in an upcoming recap.

  • considerthis

    Is North away at boarding school already? Age with grace Kris nobody wants to see your grapefruits in tube sox under wet white gauze.

    Between Kris’s bar of goodies/snax and Khole’s house of calories no wonder Rob is the new Ralphie May.

  • Clair

    You’re not alone!! I don’t watch this trash, but I sure enjoy the recaps.