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  • Justelle

    I also noticed the rat tail. It was unfortunate.

    i noticed a few things. First Meri only has one peice of furniture in her living room that fits more than one person. Half those chairs look like a fancy dining room set rather than living room chairs. I wonder if its because if Meri sits on the couch than Kody/whoever has to sit next to her…and if Kody is to sit in one of the other chairs, no one can sit *with* him on the same furniture. I’m sure I am over thinking it but everything is suspect when I watch this show.

    The next thing…is that really how Robyn opts to tell him she wants to have a baby? “um hello I need some help.” I couldn’t tell if she was asking for one thing or whining about another.

    Also I wonder if Meri knew about Robyn wanting to have a baby and only opted to go back to school to make it more difficult for her. I am not one that thinks Meri sits at home plotting these things but maybe..her sub conscience steered her there kinda thing?

    And last I looked at the website. That thing has about a thousand animations going on. The family zooms into the screen, then a necklace, and a door, and a word, one more word, another word. 17 words all one by one fly on the screen. Someone discovered the animation panels in their photo shop program. I count something like 28 things that fly onto the screen as you load the webpage. It’s sort of silly. However, they added some cute watches (designed by not them it seems) and they are quite reasonably priced. It’s right next to the outrageously priced jewelry. Which haha I noticed that the necklace that Kody made for Christine is not just the dark finish she hated but “Pixie queen bright finish”. Which just gave me the giggles. But seriously I have to admit it but some of those watches are pretty cute 30 dollar fashion pieces.

    Can’t wait for full recap!

  • notwithoutmyTV

    Kids these days. They don’t even wear pants for air travel.

  • Janine

    The sex talk with the kids that have dated for a month was hysterical! Ha! Also, what’s up with Robyn’s eldest sons hair situation? Really? A rat tail?

  • KegLovesNorway

    Your comment just reminded me of the Bible story about Solomon. He was the favorite youngest son of King David’s newest favorite wife. So awesome that Robyn got away with this name! Ha!

  • notwithoutmyTV

    I wouldn’t carry around a kid named Truely, either.

  • yes! why aren’t those teenage kids helping her? They can’t afford to hire some outside help! Or maybe Meri could help out by using MSWC as her “practicum”, it would be about as useful.

  • sweetblondie

    I thought Meri blew all her college money on her daughters ivy league school. How come she gets to suck out even more the family dough to pursue her “dream” when everyone else is struggling? She’s so selfish! And useless! And 10 to 1 she won’t even finish the degree! And that smug face when she told Robin…PUKE!

  • nettaboo

    Does anyone else notice that Kody is constantly carrying around Solomon. I don’t remember seeing him carry around Truely. The only time I really noticed him paying attention to her was when she was in the hospital. Also we have a whole season dedicated to how college can’t be afforded for the kids they have then, Robyn wants another baby and Meri wants to go to college?