Gay baby advocate
  • Chaosbutterfly

    I only know Tracie Thoms from Rent, but yas gawd she can sang.

    Now with that out of the way, I ain’t got no more respect for her.
    I get it, the whole thing was really weird and creepy, but Sammie was harmless and she wasn’t even talking to Tracie anymore. She was just lonely and looking to talk to celebrities and fangirl over them in creepy ways. I don’t like how M&N sensationalized the lesbian aspect or made Sammie out to be dangerous because she killed off an imaginary character. It was creepy how she filmed the funeral but when you think about it, it’s not that big a deal. The girl wasn’t real; that was the whole point. Tracie, Nev and Max kept saying SHE KILLED HER OFF like the girl was a person or like killing a character once you have no further use for them is a surefire sign of violent psychopathy.
    If that were the case,, we would have to lock up George RR Martin’s non-decorum-having-ass and throw away the key, because he’s a legitimate menace to society at this point. Basically a terrorist.

    Anyway, it was mean and exploitative and I felt especially bad for it when they met the girl and she was clearly terrified out of her brain. She also realized that she was doing too much and tried to rectify it by getting rid of the fake character. Isn’t that what Nev is always preaching anyway. So what difference does it make.

    It’s also messed up how this was basically a long ass commercial for Tracie, Marissa (easily one of the most boring contenders that season) and that Praze movie (no more free publicity), but Liz Gillies couldn’t get a shout out. If fucking T-Lights can get a shout out, I know they can at least say Liz Gillies name.

    They better get their shit together before they get cancelled.
    Ain’t nobody got time for these weak ass stories.
    Bring back Carmen and her multiple voices. I’ll even take Kidd Cole.
    At least he was entertaining.

  • sarcasatire

    It appears that season 3 is less about people finding love and being catfished and more about the dishonesty of the internet in general. And they’re also trying for a celebrity angle to boost their profile. Real actors, fake rappers…scammers and con artists. I guess it would seem a little silly if 3 seasons in, people are still convincing people they don’t have webcams.

  • Chicken Lips

    I think this episode shows that Catfish is officially scraping the bottom of the barrel. I fully expect Nev and Max to show up at my house one day because I’m a link in the mystery some guy in Cleveland, OH brought to them because he was chatting with my friend 17 years ago in the Cleveland AOL chatroom and they arranged to meet up at Perkins in the middle of the night and then retire to the Red Roof Inn across the street.

    Let me save you the trouble Nev – she was at Perkins. The guy didn’t lie about his appearance – he was very easy to spot as he roamed the restaurant looking for her. Luckily, she did lie about her appearance so he didn’t spot her. Also luckily, she thought to bring a friend (me) so in case she did decide to go through with it, there would have been someone to tell the police her last known whereabouts and what she was wearing. My friend was catfishing before catfishing was cool! (And I mean friend, not “friend”. I’m WAY too lazy to come up with elaborate schemes to lure men to 24 hour restaurants at 1:00AM. However, I’ll usually go along for the ride because I love a good show…)

    I mentioned this before – the first season was great, the second season OK, now all we are going to get are wannabe fame whores because all the real people this is happening to are too ashamed to be shown in this situation on national TV.

  • labowner

    Why is Cold Case detective asking Nev and Max for help?

  • Raze, a horror/action film, focuses on two abducted women & 50 other women who are forced to fight each other using their bare hands….no thank you.

  • sarcasatire

    Watch Tracie Thoms in Tarantino’s Deathproof and fall in love. Her dialogue delivery is so on point in that movie… May have to watch it again tonight.

  • Charlotte

    Tracie Thoms is in quite a number of plays/movies/tv shows. I know her face, but not her name…until Catfish (mission accomplished). I mostly remember her as Anne Hathaway’s best friend in The Devil Wears Prada.

    This whole episode reeked of desperation. Sammie’s desperate to feel special. Tracie’s desperate to get more exposure (it worked…her voice is amazing!) and Nev’s desperate to get a new spin on a show that could have been retired last year.

    and cathyburns: No mention of Nev’s gf! I was surprised. Was this her debut? Is she supposed to shut down the Nex+Max=secret lovers rumors?

  • stinkyhousewives

    I don’t know who this Tracie is, but she has way too much time on her hands to be messing with random strangers on twitter. She got what she deserved. Was this just a ploy to get on MTV an appeal to that audience? Most likely. I refuse to believe a grown ass woman would get all up in this foolishness.