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Vallegirl has never actually lived in a valley, has a lot of time on her hands and likes to yell at kids about how things were in her day. Currently in LA, she's also spent a lot of time in the great states of New York and Florida so she's not crazy, it's just a cultural thing.
  • unbeldi

    Totally on point about Caliban (hate him) and Proteus (still upset they killed him so quickly). Caliban would have worked much better when there weren’t so many other stories already going on with much more interesting characters. Also, think about he and Proteus could have played off of each other as the good son and the “prodigal” (okay, it doesn’t work exactly) son. How would they have influenced each other? And I’m in no hurry to see a Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster. Let the current characters settle in first. Caliban already feels shoehorned in, unlike Dorian, who seemed to fit in seamlessly.

    I hadn’t thought that this should have been the episode after the seance, but you are right. Still my favorite one so far.

  • vallegirl

    I think the biggest mistake they’ve made was introducing Caliban this season. Not just because I can’t stand the character, but they used most of the third episode introducing him and complicating Victor’s story instead of moving the rest of it forward. Having one sweet, minor storyline about Victor teaching Proteus to be human in his free time was perfect. Having Caliban stomp around demanding a mate and threatening to kill Victor is disruptive. Plus, have I mentioned he sucks so bad he makes me cry?

    With only an eight episode order, that mistake threw off the timing because now this episode, as good and necessary as it is to the story was out of place. The whole plot came to a halt to fill in Vanessa’s and Sir Malcolm’s back story. This was the rightful third episode since the seance occurs in the second. But, no, we had to listen to Caliban fart on in his whiny, entitled way. They didn’t even give Victor much to do but look terrified and/or pissed off. None of the main characters, up to that point, had a full half hour to detailing who they are and what they want.

    Overall it was a good episode and Eva Green is charismatic enough to carry it on her own, plus the show got a second season so they can now tighten their story telling next season, but the gift that keeps on crapping on us, Caliban, is what’s slowing down momentum.

    I also really don’t like this eight-episode “pilot” season approach the premium networks took this year. It worked fine with Silicon Valley since Mike Judge’s forte isn’t less storytelling than social commentary wrapped up in comedy, but shows like Penny Dreadful and even Looking (which I linked to in the last recap) are more about developing characters you’re invested in. But with only eight hours (four for Looking) and having to also create a story that hooks viewers the pilot seasons this year have been scattershot.

    But it’s interesting that the fifth episode of both shows were very strong. Vanessa’s backstory may have brought the storytelling to a halt for a week, but it gives her, Sir Malcolm and their whole relationship more heft.

  • Heather

    I’ve read a lot of critics who say that this show is losing its momentum. I couldn’t disagree more. Shows aren’t just about advancing plot. I love every second of this show, and the creative people who make it can take their sweet time and any detour they want. I will follow. I like everyone in it… but yes, especially Eva Green. Of course she’s gorgeous, but I particularly like the way she talks. I also love that she has a mysterious, brooding look, but that she can break out into the best smile. Most actors who affect that serious look are simply poseurs because it’s one note. Not with Eva; she’s an original.

  • unbeldi

    She did given an excellent performance. I also thought the writing was a bit tighter than usual (which vallegirl pokes at so delightfully), perhaps because this was a bit more straightforward from a storytelling perspective. It was really like a mini-movie, and quite well done at that. It does make me want to go back and watch the first few episodes again knowing the back story.

  • Lovelyval

    I haven’t seen the last 2 episodes. I’ve been really disappointed so far; I really wanted to like this show. Since Mad Men ended and Game of Thrones is almost over, I was hoping this could fill the void but no such luck 🙁

  • mary

    Forgot to say how amazing Eva was in this episode. I already loved her performance in the seance, but damn, she was good in this one.

  • mary

    I agree with everything you said. This episode was reeeeeally good, though that last sex scene was interesting… And yes, it needed Victor. That little shit makes the show for me, but it would have felt disjointed to have him in this episode.

  • unbeldi

    This was the best episode so far of the series, at least in the poll we took in our household. We still don’t know what is really going on with Vanessa. If she was really visited by the Devil, why did he target her? How does this fit in with the Master? Looking forward to finding this out, as well as the circumstances of Mina being taken and how Jonathan Harker fits in to the story, Missed having no Victor this episode, though. And for heaven’s sake, let’s get back to Dorian and Ethan!