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Jeremy W

I am a native New Yorker and Phish fan interested in biking, photography, architecture and, of course, recapping terrible television. I am old enough to remember saying the pledge of allegiance before television programming began around 6:00am on the weekends.
  • D

    It’s ONLY the second episode and O don’t even want to watch let alone DVR this BS! Waste of air waste of space waste of everything!! If Tanisha stays we go. Obesity and annoying ywlling voice at its best.

  • TN Gal

    I think the thing that bothered me the most was Tanisha saying that Clive’s hearing loss was a burden to her. Does she think it’s a picnic for Clive? Granted, I’ve only been married for 10 weeks, but we’ve been together six years, and were friends for almost a year before we starting dating. I can’t imagine saying something like that about my husband. If anything, it would make me more protective of him.
    @stinkyhousewives…I think Trista proved you correct if she sought you out. #boredhousewife lookingforfivemoreminutesoffame. Though Ryan was looking pretty cute there for a minute during the Clive/Tanisha intervention.
    Thanks for the recap of an otherwise boring episode!

  • stinkyhousewives

    I didn’t even tweet her, just the #marriagebootcamp category. She found me. I was surprised, and not even sure why I was her target. Not related to her at all!

  • PattiPrincess

    I don’t know that I’d admit to a twitter altercation, aren’t they always a bit shameful? Let alone with a D-lister. Why were you going at it with her? Is she you’re cousin? If you’re gonna go for it go for Gretchen & Slade. Their replies would be priceless I would think. Delusional but priceless.

  • stinkyhousewives

    I got into it with Trista on Twitter. I basically called her out as a fame whore who decided to come out of obscurity to be on TV again, and she said I had tunnel vision. She’s just as annoying on twitter as she is on TV – I won’t mention her again.

  • PattiPrincess

    This show is so stupid. So fun to have a great recap to make it worth watching. I have to admit I like Trista and Ryan. (It’s a whole story…and I feel weird about liking them) I thought Ryan was cute getting involved with the fight. But I agree they are boring as dirt. Also, I can see where they’d be on this show for the money, Vail’s expensive, Y’all!

    Gretchen and Slade!!!! Yuck!!! As a RH fan I’ve seen their weirdo story, now they’re rewriting a lot of their phony script. All I can think of when they talk about kids is “doesn’t he has some very sick child he doe$n’t take care of?” Or was that phony too? I don’t want to drag his child into this. Anyhow, these two are monumental nimrods.

    Because I’m in an especially bad mood I’d also like to mention how much I do not care for DC and DE. I have many concerns about their terrible counseling and acting but mostly their clothes. Oh! The wardrobe! Speaking of wardrobe, how about the unnecessary assistant girl shoving papers into a fire in a white coat? If this were real it’d get filthy and also hot?

    Thanks for making this guilty pleasure guilty-er!