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  • junior

    I’m with Ben re: Briana’s baby. If I watched OC without my glasses on, I’d swear she was holding a monkey.

  • distressed

    Great podcast as always, guys. Thank you so much for covering rapey necrophiliac George. Really, thank you so much. It’s important.

    You mentioned ratings and Ladies of London. If you go to the wiki episode guide looks like the ratings were good for a new show, not stellar.
    1.17 million

    However, it appears that LoL may have greatly suffered from the NYC lead-in. NYC numbers are appallingly low.
    This week 1.13
    Last week 1.17

    Thanks again, keep up the great work.

  • RonnieK

    Haha gallery girls grown up is hilarious. And yeah we will be watching that nonsense all season. We’re already obsessed! Thanks for listening and commenting!

  • Stevie W.

    Omg I listened to this while a at work today and I almost died from stifling my giggles! I never watch married to medicine except when I casually catch it on the tv but you guys are far more entertaining then they could ever wish to be. I feel like I need to watch just to get references now! The Mama Joyce impression had me crying.

    Also I really hope we are getting a Ladies of London weekly recap! It trash at the highest level and yes so the gallery girls all growed up.