Housewives, Hip Hop & Hypocrisy.
  • yellowlabowner

    I don’t understand LeeAnne at all. Since this is not her first rodeo into reality television, I am not sure if she is just bringing the crazy for the cameras.

    Cary and Mark are so boring. Why no birthday party for the daughter? Does the woman ever smile?

    Next week looks good. I wonder if Rich is still around?

  • yellowlabowner

    Ewwwww gross.

  • DJ49

    If Travis treats Stephanie like a child, does that make him a pedophile since he has sex with her?

  • Lola del Rio




  • yellowlabowner

    Bad NWOMTV. Silver Chair.

  • yellowlabowner


  • Well, I guess you have those minions!

  • Lola del Rio

    But I’m already in management!

  • I love how Stephanie and Brandi both know that Leanne didn’t really apologize but they just let it go. No one wants to unleash that animal on themselves! And I loved watching Leanne talk about poop, because anytime I make my story line out of criticizing people talk about poop, I love to then turn around and do the same thing…

  • Find a minion and make them obey you!

  • glittangrease

    LeeAnne, that was not an apology. But at least Brandi just let it go and was done with it.

    I also like that Brandi and Stephanie went to a formal/prom dress store instead of having us sit through a boring upscale designer store scene. Looks like they prob had a hoot trying on all those deliciously tacky gowns.

    Its funny that Travis thinks a list is gonna work on his two rambunctious sons as if he’s gonna be around during the day to enforce it. And in fairness, Stephanie seems like a capable wife, so get off her damn back. Also in fairness, at least he listened to her, RH husbands usually don’t bc it s qualification to be on camera.

    Brandi invited LeeAnne on the trip bc the producers told her to. Its rare now on the Real Housewives franchise that the whole cast doesn’t go on a trip together. I think it all started when they made everyone on RHOA get on that damn bus years ago.

    LeeAnne looked good at the party… BUT THAT BLUSH. AGAIN!

    They are really reaching for conflict with Cary. They’re pretty much just getting upset that she shows up at events she was invited to at this point.

  • notwithoutmyTV

    I prepare for a trip to the Stop ‘n Shop deli like I’m going to war.

    No quarter asked, none given.

  • notwithoutmyTV

    I was praying it would turn into a Great White concert at The Station nightclub-type situation.

  • Lola del Rio

    I was praying that they’d use that thing to light their farts!

  • Lola del Rio

    I really started off hating Travis. Like A LOT.

    But then I realized I AM Travis!

    I’m totally controlling. I’m bossy as fuck. I prepare for my birthday like I’m going to war. I have very strong opinions about window treatments and like to have sloppy-drunk sex.

    What am I going to do!?

  • WonderDots

    Thanks for the great recap! I started taking a drink every time Cary or her husband humble bragged about money and I was hammered 20 minutes into the show.

    The scene with Stephanie telling her husband to not be so controlling was like a teenager asking her dad for permission to take the car to the mall for the first time, ‘cuz she’s an adult and like, totally responsible now…poop.