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  • Amber

    Floshizzle I think answering yes to being asked if you like Naja is a sign that you need to put down the alcohol and seek professional treatment of some sort. She has been a bitter, bitchy mess from the word go! And the little I have seen of her nail designs are as tacky as she is.
    Terry is the only one in that salon that I would let near me with a sharp object. The others are crazy.

  • Floshizzle

    I want a very hot stylist. None of the men are at all! Do you guys like Naja?

  • Floshizzle

    realist we have completely different opinions about the cast. What do you like about China! Do you think Lisa did anything wrong at all? To me the only ones who do not act out of line most of the time are Terry and Leah. The competition isn’t stiff! Glad you are posting…

  • Floshizzle

    Hi Amber! Join us as we venture into the world of skanks, shampoo and scandal. I had never even heard of Kim Kimble before the show. I do think if she was known as celebrity stylist before she’s doing it to become more known. Her celebs are not the current celebs who are always in the spotlight. She wants fame and the celebs people remember. I have never been interested in wigs or weaves before so this is educational. The staff acts low end while they charge high end prices. Even at bargain basement prices this behavior is trashy. Which means snarking will be easy save the couple on the show who don’t dress and act like that. Snark on!

  • realist

    I am obsessed with show seen all the season thus far and have to say I go against the crowd. I like China, she is crazy through. I feel Anthony and Dontay is usually out of line most of the time. Through Dontay is showing some…………very little, maturity this season. Now Anthony was way out of line at the was he came at this shemale, personally he should be glad she didn’t cut him.

  • Amber

    This show has sucked me in too, the stylist are horrible people. The non “celebrity” clients are treated like scum, spoken to like trash and disrespected. Why would they go there? A supposed high-end salon to be mistreated!
    I thought Kim Kimble was a well known stylist, WHY is she doing this show?

  • Floshizzle

    Lynnb I like this show too. What is up with the confusion where people think because they work in a beauty salon that makes them beautiful? Seriously.

  • Lynnb

    I hate to admit it but I love this show! Naja and China are such vile humans.. I love Dante and Anthony and I laugh thru the whole episode.