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  • You have to say that the boy has balls, huge balls. He Catfished more than just the people we saw on the program. This magazine published this story!!!!!

  • Chaosbutterfly


    The depth of his delusion, I cannot.
    He really catfished an entire magazine as well as an entire metropolitan area and a university to boot.

    Like I’m laughing but tears are rolling down my cheeks.

  • msjacqmills
  • LadyStardust

    Mr. Stardust works in television, so he’s really familiar with sound boards and such. He was laughing so hard when they were trying to figure out the recording equipment. He said he knew they were faking it when he saw the CFL lightbulb over Nev’s head in the sound booth – he said they let off a low humming noise and they’d NEVER use those in a sound booth.

  • Chaosbutterfly

    This is a horrible and sad story, but I am cracking the fuck up at the entire situation. Like…he seriously set up a fake recording studio. And played them fake music.
    What the hell did he think was going to happen?

    It gets better too:

    Can ya’ll believe he was so bold as to try to scam a university?
    That’s how you know his ass is dumb. Those people will get their money by any means necessary and unlike regular people, they have the resources to prosecute him to the fullest extent.

    I do feel bad for Loretta and Lucille because they seem to be good people, but they sure are a couple of fools. This dude allegedly is signed to Kanye’s label, but he can’t afford to pay the restaurant bill because he was robbed yesterday? He needs Lucille to front him money for his stuff?
    And he gets dropped off at a local DC home? Not even in a nice neighborhood?
    But he is signed to a major record label and is making music with big names like Kanye and Wale.
    Like come on guys.
    Come on.
    I heard that story about Iggy riding the bus or whatever, but that’s because she ain’t shit and honestly, I don’t think it’s true. I think she just tells it in order to give her story a bit more struggle factor.
    But in any case, if that story happened, it was before Iggy was allegedly important. This guy is saying that he is important. If he was as big as what he’s saying, there is no way that the record label wouldn’t be handling his expenses. Of course, they would turn around and squeeze the money back out of him with interest, but they wouldn’t have a regular round the way person front him the money.
    Before I took out one penny from my wallet, I would have checked with the label. The list of artists under a label isn’t a government secret. All that shit is public information, usually on the label’s website. Shit, it’s on wikipedia if you’re lazy. There’s no excuse to be getting scammed like that in this day and age.

    It also makes me laugh that he was trying to shut the haters up by walking around with security and fancy cars, because I strongly suspect that these alleged haters were just regular people who were telling him a truth that he didn’t want to hear or believe.
    I mean, who even thinks that up. Oh let me just book a whole security team to take me to H&M, even though I know I can’t afford it.
    The man doesn’t even need to go to jail, he needs to be locked up in a mental ward.

  • Chicken Lips

    Geeze – who knew that Nev was just a bad ass protector that tosses phones into the water? How are the panties not dropping left right and center for this guy?

  • Aunt Dorsey

    “Fat ass Kelly Price” is a classic. I will cherish that epithet for a long time.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    The only redeeming feature of this episode was Loretta. Get him gurrrrrrrl! Otherwise it just gave me sads that there are nice, gullible people out there who are preyed upon by hyenas. This guy won’t quit.

    Hell, Nev should have just shoved the asshole in the Potomac, which would have taken care of the bullshit artist AND the iPhone at the same time — multitasking.

  • stinkyhousewives

    I love how Nev got all faked worked up and threw the delusional kooky guy’s phone in the river. Nev manning up and not being such a girl was the highlight of this really bad episode. How stupid could that girl be, I mean, really? Max has much more of a presence too, which is good. I’ve grown tired of Nev’s whiney voice and wandering chest hair.

  • Chelle

    This episode was totally ridiculous even by Catfish standards. I will say that many up and coming artists, even the ones signed to a label, are not provided with some basic things like transportation (Iggy Azalea had to take the bus to interviews, no car service until she became a ‘brand’). I definitely don’t remember any rappers as keynote speakers in my HS days, but OK. This guy is a straight up con…there’s a youtube video of him taking credit for Drunk In Love before a club appearance gig he had in Houston. Does no one check credentials anymore?

  • Charlotte

    I have the same questions! How could they NOT know he was a fake??? And can anyone just call a random school, claiming to be a rapper and just walk in? What kind of bullshit security is that?

    And is that how it works in that industry? You spend your money and put your reputation on the line and HOPE you get paid? I’m so glad I’m just a regular worker bee.

    That guy was delusional but convincing; he was able to find innocent people to help him. He has a full life ahead of him as scam artist.

    I liked this episode but it still has nothing on the fat ass Kelly Price.