• No, I’m just glad to see you

    I agree with what you said but a small part of me understands Russell’s point too. If we ALL came into the game prepared to lie and backstab, then what’s the problem? Why should he have to make amends? (This is ironic because I prefer the clean gamers ala Tom and Ethan) I think it’s actually the contestants who have turned the game into a morality play. At it’s heart, this is a game for assholes. The Producers have set it up to have multiple ethical dilemmas. Or to put it more simply the game is a mind fuck and fully intended to be that way. I’m positive Russell views it as such and wades in with glee. It’s the losers who try to attribute right and wrong to it. I don’t know. This game is a complicated sucker. I guess that’s why we all love it. The game is easier if you adapt a social game for sure but as you said Russell and his ego aren’t really equipped to go that way. Not sure it makes him a lesser player so much as he needs to play with Spencer and others who view the game as it was intended. Thoughts?

  • Honeybee

    *peace* edit for typo

  • Honeybee

    I think your point it very valid. The only thing that I can add to it is

    “His weakness is thinking people will view the game as he does and reward his efforts.”

    This is only part of his weakness. Additionally his ego is the other part. The game of survivor is to out wit, out last, out play. As much as the game is to be clever, conniving, strong, there IS a social aspect to the game. You CAN be all of those things, but you also have to be able to realize that you NEED the other people just as much as you need to get rid of them. They will ultimately decide your fate. And that is where humility comes in. The time in front of the jury is time to make piece and if needed accept your faults and eat crow. Russell couldn’t do it. Hence he lost. You can be an asshole, but you still need the jury to vote for you.

  • No, I’m just glad to see you

    Russell is an interesting character. He has a mean streak a mile wide so it’s hard to cheer him on but I can make a case for him. He wouldn’t have remained in the game without the idols because he is so vicious in his one upmanship. He wanted to play the game hard and dirty and everybody’s feelings be damned. That’s not the part that makes him unique. He was the first survivor to proactively go look for the idols without clues. Such a simple concept yet no one had ever thought to do it before him. He burned socks (despicable) and other acts designed to create chaos and separate people. It’s an ugly game style but absolutely riveting. You never knew what he would do next. His reading of people was quite extraordinary. Getting Tyson to vote himself out was classic. He thinks moves ahead of everyone else and recklessly carries them out. Russell brought something new to the game whether it was a good thing or not. No one had ever played harder to win. His weakness is thinking people will view the game as he does and reward his efforts. He should have won the first season but people are a pesky bunch and payback has become the jury’s mantra. Spencer was Tony’s get out of jail free card.

  • J-Mo

    PottyMouth! Awesome job this season, and believe me, I know how it is when life gets in the way of recapping…

    I knew Tony was going to win the moment that Spencer got voted out and Woo pretended he was going to actually DO something for the 84390028495948th time. I don’t like it, though, and I hate the hidden immunity idols even more after this season (thank you Tyler Perry, as if your terrible movies weren’t enough of an affliction on us all, now you have to mess with our favorite TV shows, too?). I feel if they’re going to insist on having an immunity idol, it shouldn’t be bulletproof (i.e. there should be an even chance that it could be played for nothing, or misplayed, or kept from play and then the person gets voted out with an idol in their pocket)… but to let the person holding it use it AFTER they know what the votes are, that’s just making it a slam dunk, and I hope that the producers were excoriated for listening to that idea. I also feel if they’re going to keep having the goddamned immunity idols, THEY FUCKING NEED TO HIDE THEM A LOT BETTER. It should not be so easy that you just have to do a quick easter egg hunt and check in all the obvious tree-flaws around camp to find one. They should start burying them a foot down and maybe put a couple of rattlesnakes or wasp’s nests close by to make it more of a challenge to get at the damned things.

    Thanks for all the cool recaps, look forward to reading you again, girl!

    love, J-Mo 🙂

  • Honeybee

    I still can’t get on the Hantz train. The argument that you either love him or hate him never really sat well with me. If Russell Hantz didn’t find multiple idols, I seriously doubt he would have remained in the game as long as he did. I realize the idols are part of the game now, but in Hantz’s case I honestly don’t think he would have made it to the end had it not been for the idols.

    Tony on the other hand, yes he had multiple idols but to an extent people liked him and trusted him. They saw him as someone that nobody would like or award the win so they kept him around way too long. There were opportunities to flush the idol and time after time he had enough people to keep him around. So for that, and the fact that Tony made more moves than other players then yes I think that he earned the win. I didn’t like him, but I would have voted him over Woo even though I liked Woo.

    I think I would have liked to hear Kass play to the Jury. I think her arguments against Woo would have been stronger and I think she played harder than Woo. I think she could have won even though people didn’t like her.

    Spencer even would have had a chance. I just think Woo played a weak game.

  • Aunt Dorsey: “Mr. Dangerous-Hantz”

    I ♥ you.

  • Back from vacation finally. Just read your recap. I think Spencer could have won if he had been taken to the the final 2 because I get the feeling people don’t really like Tony. His charm may be too thin for some peeps to notice.

    That’s not spray on hair on LJ — that’s a weave! This show will be good for KASS if she watches with her eyes wide open. She’ll get a new perspective on herself. By the way, Mr. Kass is dreamy. What was up with Jeremiah? He seemed bitter AND he didn’t seem to understand the concept of “not telling the truth.” That’s what this show is all about. I wonder if Tony would have won without Spencer’s pep talk to the jury?

    Thanks for the recaps Pottymouth. I enjoyed reading all of them. I hope you’re doing Big Brother this summer.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    “Asspickle” — Love, love, love! Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I’m totally borrowing, erm stealing, that from you.

    Since that douchenozzle, porn guy/used car salesman won, I’ll grudgingly concede that Mr. Dangerous-Hantz deserved to win, but his stint just solidified my distaste for producer-planted idols. But since I’m a dog in the manger, I’m glad that the jury was composed of Bitter Betty and her relatives. My stony heart did feel a tiny twinge for Russell when he was all butt hurt at not being handed a check.

  • itchy

    The whole “swearing on” anything is a crock of shit anyway. I always giggle when I see people “solemnly” swear.

    Either you’re honest or your not. And on Survivor, being dishonest is pretty much 80 percent of the game.

  • itchy

    Yes, Hantz was playing his ass off. The problem was, everyone else saw exactly what he was doing and just rode him to the end. Good donkey!

    At least Mr. Dangerous was thrilled that season.

  • itchy

    He was definitely channeling his inner Oprah for that live show though.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    @Itchy, wellllllll, Tony also has his catalogue of dead and living relatives to fall back on. Although, as soon as somebody swears on their nearest and dearest on Survivor, I automatically assume they’re lying through their unbrushed teeth.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Duuuuuude! WOOooooo is like a total wu master. He has a Ph.D. in chill — witness his laid back fall in slow motion out of the tree. He’s the antithesis of Tony, which I found soothing.

  • Chicken Lips

    Well, if Woo would have fun I’m guessing he would have put on a ton of weight because he would have had monster munchies because he would have been able to afford the good stuff!

    Every time I heard him talk the only thing I ever heard was, “Duuuude!” and i desperately wanted to know what he was smoking because I want to be that mellow.

  • Chicken Lips

    Well, I think that’s where we disagree. I’m not saying I liked him – I think he is a giant festering dickwad filled butthole. However, he played the game and made moves that would better his position, everybody else be damned. I do put a tiny bit of the blame on him because he assumed that season’s crop of models/bartenders/actors would vote in the spirit of the game and not as butthurt babies. But you get a crew of bitter betties and the end result is voting for someone that you didn’t even remember was still around until you saw her sitting next to the guy that hurt your widdle feewings in his pursuit to win a game. I’m not saying he deserved to win because he was a great guy – I’m saying he deserved to win because he played the best game that season.

    However, every other time he appeared with 1) people who had already played the game or 2) people that had seen him play, he absolutely did not deserve to win because he never changed his strategy and he never changed his tactics. And I’m kinda against him winning at life because he’s a giant asspickle, but his first season of Survivor he should have won.

    Note: I’m not talking about that escaped-from-some-institution nephew of his. That guy shouldn’t be allowed to mingle with polite society.

  • itchy

    I’m of the opinion that giving a million dollars to a kid like Woo would ruin his life. He’s already got a good career, he came off as really likeable and charming in a goofy way, which will make him an excellent Jackie Chan-type for the inevitable string of kung-fu movies he’s going to make. The fact that he gave away the win in order to preserve his honor only reinforces his likeability. This kid is going to be HUGE in China. He’s basically set for life. Methinks he’s not nearly as dumb as he pretended to be.

    Tony, on the other hand, has only this. And that’s why he played as hard as he did. I kind of liked Spencer for the underdog aspect, but Tony definitely deserved the win.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    No, no, no. My fondest dream is that one day Probst will melt.

  • cattyfan

    I don’t think asking the jury if they would have voted for Kass over Woo if they had been final two is a fair question. You’ve asked them this AFTER they have watched the whole season, but without Kass getting to answer jury questions.

    Sorry C.L. …Hantz NEVER deserved to win.

  • Chicken Lips

    I must say that this almost makes up for the fact that Russell Hantz didn’t win his first season (he shouldn’t have won any of his other seasons). Love him or hate him – OG Hantzie played his ass off!

    Of course, I think the only reason that Tony won is because that bitter, bitter jury was called out by Spencer and they didn’t want to look like assholes voting for Woo after Spencer pointed out what the game is about.

    I keep screaming during that final tribal “It’s outwit, outlast, outplay, you donkeys, not loyalty to the end!”. Whenever people piss and moan about loyalty I wonder what show they think they are on.

  • stinkyhousewives

    Probst really needs to lay off the botox and fillers.

  • ChaCha

    P. S. PottyMouth, you better be back in the fall. Your recaps for Survivor are the best I’ve read.

  • ChaCha

    “I am sick and tired of Jeff’s constant commenting. Shut the fuck up JEFFREY.” Me, too! His blather during competitions is sooo obnoxious that if I’m watching live, I just mute him. If I’ve recorded the show, I cue thru the whole thing just to see who won.

    Hated that the sociopath won, but he sure did play better than Woo. Interesting how all his cop cronies think that what all Tony did is just business as usual. Is the entire force comprised of clinical psychopaths?!!!

  • Clair

    Well, *I* liked Kass.

    Excellent recap.

  • Waterlover

    To the pain – yes! Loved that reference.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Tony’s juberosity wins the day, sworn on the backs of his wife, baby, mother, first cousin once removed and his still deader than dead father. Got to hand it to him, he was never boring, and he was fluent in llama. Tasha voting for WOOooooooo? — Bitter Betty, party of one!

    Kass’ come-from-behind puzzle win was amazing. Her skills reading people are pretty weak and I’m glad the Quisling didn’t make it to final jury and get that extra helping of cash money. Much better that WOOooooooo got it for all his potential big moves.

    My only disappointment was that Tony didn’t graduate from spy shacks to mobile ones and make himself an awesome ghillie suit.

    Thanks for the excellent and nutritious recaps.

  • JimbobJones

    When I first saw the picture of the guy that puts up with Kass, I mean her husband, my first thought was “Bill Goldberg has really let himself go!”

  • No, I’m just glad to see you

    Tony was smart to vote off Trish. He could see her likeability factor but Kass as usual misread her fellow players. With the exception of Lindsey and Kass, all of the exit interviews had only positive things to say about Trish. I’m used to Jeff’s hyperbole but in the case of Kass’ immunity win it was pretty awesome. She’s not even close to a good physical competitor, so to see her gut it out and come from so far behind was inspiring. Don’t want to see her back though. Mad respect for Spencer loving the game and convincing a bitter jury to vote the best player. Woo’s decision wasn’t popular and my opinion won’t be either. I would also rather go against the best of the best to win a real victory. Taking a goat to the end is a default win. I’d rather go out in a blaze of glory no matter how it turns out. Thanks for the season of recaps! They were great!