Gay baby advocate
  • Jud

    This girl is really lame. The entire thing is an act. It is so obvious. She looked mid 20’s pretending to be a teenager. Her face was ok not anything great and all the pics and attitude so over the top impersonation of a young ‘hot’ girl like making someone think what you want them to about yourself. She must be a amateur actress similar thing to lonely girl 15 ages ago.
    Point is you keep up this game to get bad attention and this persona but really like the real catfish out there even if was just a project for you she is the most delusional of them all. Who would actually spend their time copying young people creating an entire fake personality and then put themselves on a tv show. It is just annoying that the show doesn’t check things like that or have better intuition there have been so many fakes 2 out of 3 in this newest season alone. It used to be a cool show. Now just seems a platform for pathetic people who have nothing else and think they are clever to fool a show. When they are the joke.

    They can’t be desperate for episodes so why not be better at selecting them the actual person writing in so isn’t more of these embarrassing things. Where the person would waste the time themselves.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Whitebread twink rappers are über boring. I felt like I’d been thoroughly Biebered after watching this.

  • peng

    My husband was all over the ‘like’ thing. But they both over used it. And I kind of loved her dad.

  • labowner

    Aw why thank you.

  • Chicken Lips

    Honestly, I didn’t even notice it. I watch a lot of trashy reality TV full of future Mensa members such as Antoinette, so I’m probably just, like, immune to it by now.

  • Gina

    Like, how has like, anyone not like posted about how annoying it like was when she like, talked?

  • Honeybee

    Antoinette confessed on social media that it was fake. Also a quick search of her comes up with some nasty rumors via our favorite Couples Therapy allum Nick Richie. It’s never a good thing when he knows you.

  • LadyStardust

    I really thought for a minute that they were going to find out that Tiny Candle was actually 14 years old.

    How old was Antoinette? She looked kinda rough in person.

  • PaintDry25

    Max and Nev have a bit of a bromance thing going on. I’m calling shenanigans on Nev being straight. Soon when convenient enough he’ll come out.

  • PattiPrincess

    You’re one sick ticket! Love it! I’m too lazy to find worms anyway.

  • labowner

    The annoyance of others with his useless camera work is part of the reason I love him.
    🙂 No worm eating necessary.

  • Chicken Lips

    I think that Max and Nev are a hoot and would be awesome to go out and have a beer with. You know, as long as I am who I say I am and I’m not trying to get them to find the love of my life that I met in an AOL chatroom.

    When I was watching da club scene, I kept wondering if anyone was looking back at what could only be described as the VIP booth and thinking, “Who brought their 2 dads?” Nev and Max, as much as I love them, were TOTALLY out of place and probably at least 10 years older than the vast majority of people in that room.

  • Chicken Lips

    I think that now that everyone knows about the show Catfish all we are going to get is people looking for fame. The first season was novel and interesting and real, the second season started to become a bit more of a circus because of the buzz from season 1, now all we are going to get are wannabe fame whores because all the “real” people out there in this situation have decided they don’t want to look like giant assholes on national TV.

  • PattiPrincess

    I love Max, too! These two are great together. Aren’t they cousins or something? Maybe not. This show is getting slightly boring but their upbeat personalities make it fun, they are delightful, if a touch dorky, in a charming way. Just am bugged by the camera thing. I’m the only one, I know, I’m going to go eat worms:(

  • labowner

    Why did they need to film in a bar?

    I love Max

  • PattiPrincess

    Thanks for the Max’s superfluous camera work credit. I feel better just knowing it’s noticed.

  • stinkyhousewives

    I call BS on this episode too. These 2 fame HO’s set this up, or it was MTVs way of promoting some Z list rapper. A nice white jewish boy named Albert from Boca is a rapper – hysterical. By the way, he wasn’t that good at rapping or singing, this is most likely due to over protective hover parents who told Albert everything he did was genius. I loved Antoinette’s and Albert’s fascinating intellectual chat though, millenials crack me up!

    Max awkwardly moving to this child’s rapping was quite funny.

  • minion

    She said on her instagram page that she doesn’t really work at Redneck Heaven, they just “needed” to film in a bar

  • AmberAtkins

    Did anyone else think this was a setup on both sides for fame? She’s obviously thirsty for attention, and he probably has 100x more people knowing who he is from his 15 minutes on MTV. I’m sorry, there’s no way after 2 years they wouldn’t have skyped since both of them had nothing to hide.