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  • IsabellaYB

    “listened” – all the Married to Medicine stuff got to me.

  • IsabellaYB

    Best WWC podcast ever and I’ve listed to every single one of them. The impersonations are perfect – esp. the take on Toya and Ramona.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Love the riffs on the House Husbands of Hotlanta. I still crack up every time I remember Gregg Leakes shuffling towards Peter in slow motion with his, “Don’t check me Todd.” Except now, in my head, he says it in Ronnie’s Gregg Leakes’ voice.

  • distressed

    Fantastic recap as usual, boys! Starting to watch Married to Medicine just for the podcast because of your astounding impersonations. And we might get Leah Black on one or two of these? How fun is that?
    Thanks again, “see” you next week when George and his “shaved scrotum” eat dinner at Aviva’s. I’m already foaming at the mouth over the preview. Please burn them beyond recognition in the recap next week. For humanity Ronnie, for humanity.