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Sermonette is a wad of angry bruises.
  • Meg

    How Ginger won Snatch Game is beyond me. That wasn’t Adele. I don’t know who that was, but it wasn’t Adele. And yes, she was great in the John Waters challenge, but so was Katya!

    Can we just utilize the “Tim Gunn save” and bring back our true queen? Because I might break my TV if Ginger wins. That, or go to Mama Ru’s house and steal all of her wigs!

  • Seriously, after Willam and Jinkx, no one can say they’re the best singer/actor. Hell, even Phi Phi isn’t a bad singer Still an oozing, infected pustule and the right asscheek of humanity, but not untalented.

    Ginger isn’t even that great a singer. She can carry a tune, but so can a lot of people. But the way she carries it sets my teeth on edge.

  • Wow, did you just think this up yourself? I’ve never read a complaint like this about a reality show recap.

    You’re awesome!

  • Merry

    Ginger, is that you? Don’t be (more) bitter and insecure just because we’re calling out the lameness of this season.

  • Meg

    I’m sick of these delusional queens (seriously, ladies…stop huffing Jinx Monsoon’s “Delusion” perfume!). Ginger, the “best singer, actress” the show has seen? Please! Ms. Monsoon’s Snatch Game performance swept the floor…and then some! And what about Dela? Sure, Bianca couldn’t sing, but damn, the bitch was funny! Courtney, Adore, and Ivy Winters could sing decently as well (and, ahem, won their respective singing challenges).

    I guess I gotta root for Violet now. She truly has progressed from the beginning of the season in terms of her attitude, and she’s not afraid to get goofy in the challenges. And she was one of two queens to understand the “ugliest dress ever” challenge!

    As much as I want my Katya back (sorry, I just graduated from a Boston-area school, so I gotta root for my Boston queen), I’m gonna go with Violet on this one. Yes, I’d love for a plus-sized queen to win, but let’s be honest, there hasn’t been a stellar plus-sized queen since Latrice mothereffin’ Royale.

  • Lady Shahady

    I heard that about you…

  • Flattered. Totally flattered. Thanks. Especially since I read an entire season of Catfish recaps and never watched a minute of the show or the movie. 🙂

    And I’m glad you’re reading the Penny Dreadful recaps. I love that show, but it’s bananas.

  • elburto

    Oh please… Cry moar. It’s Ru’s competition, she calls the shots, she picks the winner. If you want to decide who wins what then start your own show. Maybe call it ‘Sermonette’s Pantie Pissing Parade’. Competitors could battle each other to see who writes the suckiest, bitterest TV reviews.

    Perhaps you could award prizes for the Snuggie with the most interesting collection of stains, best cocktail made from boxed wine and Ensure, and best drunken “It shoulda been me, I’m better than all those bitches!!” speech. The winner could take home a years supply of cat food and Depends, and a membership to anyfuckingthing that distracts them long enough to stop them emptying out their bitterness and insecurities in the form of half-arsed recaps.

    Black. Hole. Of. Suck.

  • Sermonette

    Some of my best friends are dictators.

  • Lady Shahady

    In an unrelated stalker fan piece of news: I read all the recaps you wrote on Boardwalk Empire on this site, but have never seen a single episode. I’m not sure if that flatters or horrifies you, but what can I say? They got me through the long nights with a newborn. Scrolling through my phone/a vallegirl recap at 3am was an option, but having the time to watch TV never really has been. At least not a lot. I can steal some computer/recap time here and there, but… There’s a reason why I only have one show. It’s all I have time for!

    I digress.

    Incidentally, I’m currently pulling the same “read a recap and not see the show” with Penny Dreadful…only now it’s during nap time. 😉

  • “Bitter, seething rage…” my favorite way to describe my beloved, angry, misguided Eli Thompson. *sniff*


    As for giving Kennedy a pass on owning her awfulness, to me, it’s kind of like picking your favorite dictator. Yeah, Tito created an independent communist country in Yugoslavia that had the strongest economy of all the communist countries but is that really a great accomplishment?

  • pdobiel

    “Pageant queens with limited range and bad personalities do not win Drag Race”

    Sure they do! Look at Tyra! Enh I still like Ginger, cattiness and all so I’m Pro Minj!

  • Lady Shahady

    And also, Ginger is the worst.

    This episode made the sting of injustice that came with Katya’s departure more painful.

  • Lady Shahady

    I may be a minority here, but I just want ANYONE who makes me cringe and/or “ugh” and/or look away from my Very. Favorite. Show (!!) to go away. Owning the awfulness doesn’t make me want Kennedy on my screen any more or less than I want Ginger on it. Being slimy and horrible doesn’t entertain me any more or less than being loud and “honestly” horrible. I want all horrible people to get off of my Very. Favorite. Show.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love an unapologetic, confident-bordering-on-arrogant queen! Raven and Raja come to mind. But the Roxxxy’s of the world devalue my experience. Think of how hilarious and enjoyable Season 5’s courtroom scene and its aftermath would have been had someone like Katya or Bendela returned to the workroom instead of Roxxxy.

    IJS. (Which, incidentally, I always heard “RJS” because of that delicious Texas accent.) Kennedy and Ginger both have the tools to entertain me completely, but they let their “bitter, seething rage” (copyright vallegirl, I think?) get in the way.

    Again, perhaps a minority perspective, but for whatever it’s worth to the discussion: I enjoy this show most when the queens allow their confidence and creativity to flow into cocky wit and comedic shade; when some feathers may get ruffled but no one gets hurt. A good old fashioned kiki. You can’t get that on other shows. I can get shrieking banshee bitch on nearly any reality endeavor that ever twinkled in an E!/Bravo producer’s eye, but I don’t tune into those shows. That’s just how I choose to “condone” myself.

  • beijobabe

    Pearl is tooooooo laid back. She needs about a dozen 5 hour energy shots with a Red Bull chaser.
    Violet is tooooooo unaware of Drag Herstory to be considered a “Queen”.
    Since my fav – Katya was eliminated I am left with The Minj. Is she a bitch – yep. But I love bitchy Queens.

  • Merry

    This episode just solidified my existing opinions of these queens. The Bitter Old Bitches (hey, it’s what they call themselves) used their speeches to bash the younger two while Violet and Pearl focused on why they each deserved to win. I HATE that: “Why they suck” is so negative and in no way explains “why I should win.” Bitter old ladies indeed.

    I knew Kennedy blew it the moment she said “condone.” I was cringing for her. The word is “conduct” and the rule of thumb is if you’re not 100% sure of a word, don’t use it. None of the runway outfits was anything special, though Violet gave me a Cabaret vibe that I liked. I agree with vallegirl that it would have been better to lose Kennedy the previous week: we could have dumped Ginger this week and had a Violet/Pearl/Katya final three. Ginger is the absolute worst: backstabbing, hypocritical, and not as talented as she wants us to think.

  • No, you’re not being harsh at all. Ginger is the worst. Pretending she didn’t mean it to sound as awful as it did was just the coward’s way out. And that’s how Ginger’s been all season. Like you said, Kennedy’s been awful all season, but at least she owns her awfulness.

    I just wish Ru had dumped Kennedy last week since Katya’s both a good dancer and a good actor. Her runway might have been a mess but she’d have owned the final challenge sending Pearl home. I like Pearl, but she is still way too green a queen.