Miss Ellie Font

Miss Ellie Font is a former Army Brat, lives in the beautiful western United States, loves to travel, and has an extensive elephant collection, And thinks the world revolves around Vodka.
  • Kenzie

    Such a boring episode, I thought they were suppose to live exciting lives..

  • Miss Ellie Font

    Aubrey — about Kourtney and Kim’s exchange: that is true … and SO funny! Also, you all watch the next episode — the “face coat” gets full play!

  • Aubrey Railsback

    Kim’s boobs looked horribly painful this episode. When Kourtney was saying “Don’t copy me,” Kim jumps in and randomly says “And don’t copy me!”

  • chik-fil-ahole

    who bought Kourtney the diploma? SMU biatch.

  • chik-fil-ahole

    Keeping these worthless Kunts on tv would be a better name for the show

  • SofaTurnip

    I thought it was Lara Flynn Boyle on the coat. Hahaha

  • Clair

    Gluten-free, cheese-free pizza *eyeroll* I doubt any K even knows what gluten is let alone why some people should avoid it.

  • 3LittleBirds

    How did I not notice Kim was wearing herself on her coat?! Good catch!! Seriously… these people criticize the way other people dress when most of the time they look like complete clowns!