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  • PattiPrincess

    Love! WWC podcast and tvgasm and Bside blog. I have a confession to make after listening to this latest funny fun podcast, I recently unfriended you on Facebook. You mentioned hitting a Facebook “likes” number minutes after I unlinked you and cancelled my Facebook account. I feel terrible and wish I could give you a trillion gazillion “likes”. But I can’t cuz I’m not 5 years old.
    But, please, hear me out! I hate Facebook for myself, I was only on it briefly to find out if my crazy friend was telling the truth about Mark Wahlburg sending a private plane to bring her to Boston to date his weird,fat,tattooed,ex-convict,entouragey buddy. At first, while setting up the account, I thought, “sure, aunt x, aunt y, cousin stupid would be fun to follow as well!” It soon became a nightmare of the the most mind-numbing posts imaginable. I had to unlike everything to insure they never read my posts. If there is an opposite Facebook I would “like” you all day long. Creepy? Not as creepy my family’s FB posts!!!
    Also, thank you so much for your podcasts! I loooove my dog but walking him gets boring as hell. Your podcast has made walking him a healthy treat for both of us. You should add Dr. To your names since you are encouraging long walks for canines and humans. Much love for your talents.

  • Rose

    Ronnie welcome back doll

  • Lola del Rio

    I can’t even with all of the wives!

    But my boos validate all of my feels & all is good!

  • RonnieK

    Haha! How can you listen to us and hate impressions? We must be making you insane!!

  • Steph

    God damn I am glad Ronnie is back. Yay!!

  • steerstraight

    Guys I love you, listen to everything mulitple times, but I CAN’T with the impressions. Their voices are annoying enough without hearing more of them!!

  • RonnieK

    You’ve listened to that many hours of this nonsense? Big hugs to you thanks for the comment and the listens!!

  • Do you realize I have listened to all 127 episodes!!! Like others, I watch the RH shows in order to be prepared for your podcasts. Love you guys. xo