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  • Aunt Dorsey

    The last time I was, er um, exposed to Taylor Swift’s musical oeuvre (or maybe it was the first time) was at a granddaughter’s wedding. I’m pretty sure my ears are safe.

  • Merry

    I think that’s truly the only reason men date Taylor anymore. They’ve got to know they won’t be getting any, the relationship will be over in a blink, and they’ll be vilified by Taylor’s legions of dopey tween fans. The song is all they get out of it, which isn’t much because all her songs sound the same, but that’s still a lot better than getting stuck with Taylor.

  • notwithoutmyTV

    Who gave LiLo that Quran? Is someone trying to radicalize her?

    Taylor Swift’s eyes are too squinty. Too squinty by half. Always have been.

  • itchy

    Look. You know by now that making fun of Taylor Swift just provides her with more material to make earworms, er, songs. Which then go on to sell millions and millions of whatever it is that gets sold these days.

    You should do what they did with Anne Hathaway — slobber all over her until everyone has had enough.

  • JimbobJones

    “I care very little about this. I saw the picture of the happy couple and all I could think was “pity the handsome guy is not getting any at all.””

    What’s not getting some for a while if it means that you’ll get your very own song after the eventual breakup?

    Shit, I’m married and even I’M tempted to date Taylor just so that a year later, I could point to the radio and say “That’s about me!”