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Sermonette is a wad of angry bruises.
  • Aunt Dorsey

    Well she outdid herself on last night’s show…..

  • Sweetcakes

    May I just say when Kennedy opens her mouth, she sounds like an uneducated moron. You know, like Beyonce. She’s beautiful to look at and sings well but that voice when she speaketh……

  • Aunt Dorsey

    That Soviet BFF was the best of all of them. I loved her—the cow was giving me saccharine overload.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Dida: Hall of Fame for sure. That was epic! She made Natalie Cole jealous.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Pfffffft!!! I cannot believe this farce. Really Ru? Kennedy stays and Katya gets aufed? Your wig is officially too damn tight because it has totally cut off the circulation to your brain.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Honey Boo Boo wants to be Ginger when she grows up.

  • Lady Shahady

    I totally caught that reference, too! I was saying, “What happened to Andre??” for the rest of the evening.

    Do we think Violet watched it when it originally aired?? She would have been, what? 12 years old? Which makes the exchange between them all the more…something. Whatever Ru’s face did. Ru’s face is what I felt. Like, “eeeee. ummmmm. errrrrrrrr. ehhhhhhh.” with my eyes squinted up and my mouth drawn back in not-quite-horror-but-kin-to-it.

  • all in all more proof that Violet is not as dumb as she looks

  • beijobabe

    When Violet mentioned the Red Lobster to Santino I was gagging. That little minx had watched Project Runway when Santino was making fun of TimGunn and Andre having a date at the Red Lobster.

  • Merry

    I shouted AND threw a pillow at the TV. Katya nailed the lip sync and really, Kennedy should have been sent home just for that failure of a runway look. Yes, I’m biased because Kennedy and her sulky attitude have been bugging the crap out of me for weeks, but even divorcing personality from it, Katya looked and moved so much better than Kennedy, who was just desperately turning tricks and clearly didn’t even know the words.

    I miss Bianca!! And Jinxx, Raja, Latrice, Pandora, Sharon…hell, I miss Adore! This season is such a stinker (and Ginger is the worst).

  • Lady Shahady

    Gasp!! I’m so blinded by the injustice of the lip synch that I nearly forgot to complain about how basically basic Kennedy’s looks were, so THANK YOU, Vallegirl for refueling my fire!!!

    Thank you, too, for basicest. Because, snerk.

    But back to complaining (whining?): NO. NO. NO!!!!! BAAAAD call, Momma Ru!!! This is nearing Tyra Sanchez territory. Oh, the humanity!!!

    Guys, that Soviet BFF was sorcery. Just…magic.

    Speaking of magic: Manila + Dida + Latrice = my head exploding from the sheer force of WERRRRK-edness. But THOSE are lip synchs. mmmmmkay?

  • Also, Kennedy was by far the worst of them all in both halves of the challenge. Her character was basic, her outfit was basic, and when called out for being so basically basic she was the basicest of all, she had nothing to say for herself. The only way she could have stayed over Katya, in my mind, was if she combined Manila’s lip synch against Delta with Dida’s lip synch to Natalie Cole and ended with a huge helping of Latrice’s lip synching Natural Woman.

    Instead, since she clearly didn’t even know the damn song, she kept head banging, and doing back bends so we couldn’t see her face since she wasn’t lip synching half of the time.

    If Ginger got to stay over Trixie because she allegedly better connected with last week’s song, then Kennedy should have gotten the boot because Katya outperformed her in every way this week.

    Phew. That felt good.

  • Lady Shahady

    Oh and the headbanging. Now I ask you…

    PS – thanks for the recap, Sermonette!

  • Lady Shahady

    This is the first time I think I’ve ever actually shouted at RuPaul. I gasped when Latrice and Bendela were sent packing, but never have I raised my voice at Momma Ru.

    But no. Because NO! Kennedy did NOT win that lip synch. No. No. No!!!!

    I don’t even care what it says about me that I think I’m in a position to determine who was more emotionally connected to a friggin Katy Perry song, but Katya was ON. POINT. in that lip synch.

    Kennedy, while extremely acrobatic and energetic, looked as though she was just desperately and forcefully parading all of her tricks at once.

    Case in point: The jumping splits of Kennedy’s were not nearly as thoughtfully timed to an appropriate crescendo as Katya’s were.

    And hello, neck veins. Yowza.

    Are you happy, now, Ru??? You’ve made me form an opinion about a Katy Effing Perry song!!! Although, truthfully, that song is my 3-year-old daughter’s JAM, y’all. *embarrassed giggle* WHAT?? Say somethin’. I’m in no mood for your judgment, you judgmental reader, you.

    Ginger is still the worst.

  • no comments yet? ok! all I know is that I just don’t care anymore….and please stop putting up that pic of Santino!! argh!