Jeremy W

I am a native New Yorker and Phish fan interested in biking, photography, architecture and, of course, recapping terrible television. I am old enough to remember saying the pledge of allegiance before television programming began around 6:00am on the weekends.
  • bbjunkie

    Thanks for recapping this lovefest. I was a very casual Bridezilla watcher but got sucked right into the first season of this debacle. I had a feeling everyone would remain together, even Gloria and Mark because everything they would cut away to the couples they were always sitting on the couch in the same outfits episode after episode. It led me to believe all those scenes were post production. Nothing about this show actually surprises me, most of these people deserve each other. It’s their children I feel bad for. I can’t wait for the reunion show. My husband and I are taking bets if Shaun has replaced drinking and working out with a 12 step program and religion.

  • LynnB

    Can’t wait for the D listers who think they are all stars… I think Gretchen and Slade would do any show as they need money but I am surprised to see the Jersey Shore couple…I wish they had been on with Gloria and set her straight.

  • LynnB

    I am very disappointed that Gloria still has her husband to sh*t all over day after day…this woman needs help. Like Aunt Dorsey said, Tasha was repulsed by Jeff during all the Bridezilla episodes…it’s amazing to me how that relationship changed and how she is now begging for the attention he once was trying to get. Shaun has serious issues and I doubt he stopped drinking..he seems the type to say “just a few this time”..time will tell I look forward to the reunion which I assume will contain weapons. Great recaps Jelly!

  • Aunt Dorsey

    That’s funny. I think you’d need a wicked sense of humor to work with reality show “stahrs”

  • stinkyhousewives

    I like to tweet during this show, and sometimes the cast tweets you back. I implied that Elizabeth may not have been born a man, she replied ‘who told? lol’, and her husband Jim said ‘no, she’s not a man, but I was born a woman’. At least they had a sense of humor about it.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Thank you @JellyNYC for recapping this craptastic ode to the institution of marriage. Glad to hear you’ll be recapping the Z-list reality star edition.

    Gloria is a piece of work. Of course, she couldn’t resist being all dramatic and figuratively sticking Mark with that big butcher knife. Following him upstairs to rub it in was over the top even for her malicious shriveled little raisin of a heart.

    Their hometown paper interviewed Mark and Gloria sometime after the show filmed, and unless they were pretending, seems like they’re still together. They each have two kids from previous marriages and one kid together. They’ve been married about four years, which is longer than I thought. Gloria blathered something about the exercises being similar to the “Christian ministry” at their church, whatever the hell that means. And because Gloria is nothing if not self-aware, she claims the other ladies in the house couldn’t mind their own business.

    I was completely flabbergasted by Tasha recounting the halcyon days of their relationship. When the hell was she EVER lovey dovey? Every episode of Bridezillas was full of her disgust and anger at Jeff, and her revulsion at him even trying to kiss her. She was saying she didn’t want to marry him up until the moment she finally flounced down the aisle. Love is perplexing. I hope Mr. Roboto’s pickle gets some extra sauce and Tasha gets to wear her costumes.

    I think Blanca let her reluctance to divorce Julian out of the bag, it’s all about the money, money, money….

    Why do roid raging drunken himbos always feel the need to rip off their shirts. Keep that pit stank under wraps. At least Shaun went easy on the olive oil for the ring ceremony.

  • Poor Mark, lol..and the fact that she said hopefully he will see what she is doing is for their family, yah he said i’m moving out…ddaaadaaa. u know the song seriously RUN Mark RRUUNNN!!! AS in RUN FOREST RUN!!
    Sophia all abusers say they are sorry, Run!!
    Tashia and Jeff..WOW and WOW wonder couple, never thought they would make it..nice surprise
    cant wait till reality stars BC, the preview was AWESOME!! Bad Girl bout to club a bitches ass lol