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  • Dorothy Mantooth

    Oh, I believe she was bullied–or rather, I believe nobody liked her and they were vocal about it–but I suspect it’s because she bullied first and is an asshole. I think people got tired of her always being lousy and fought back.

  • Chicken Lips

    I think occasionally they use shots from Max’s camera to give us all an “look how close to the action you are without us having to use zoom!” vibe.

    Either that or there was a terrible accident and the only prosthetic hand available for him was the mannequin’s hand from the camera store…

  • PattiPrincess

    Ha!Ha! Really good one.

    Thanks for the recap, catburns, and for mentioning Max’ camera! What’s the deal with that and does it look sad to most people but we give him a pass cuz he’s really a sweetie or is it totally normal and I’m just really old (I am but whatever). If anyone knows why he’s still doing it (I know he was the film maker, etc. but at this point he…) can you spill? I’m actually interested. It bugs me for the first 5 mins. of every ep. Then I get over it. At this point I feel he’s as essential as Nev to the show, he doesn’t need a camera to justify. And I don’t think that’s why he does it, but why doesn’t MTV just say, “guys, it looks stupid, we have the camera work covered.”?

  • Big Pink Box

    Hiya fellow Brit!

    I didn’t know Catfish aired here, is it on MTV:UK?

    I usually just watch it on the MTV website, by using an extension that makes Chrome think I’m in the U.S. I demand instant gratification, not a long wait!

    Then again, MTV has some of the shortest wait times (along with Comedy Central). I hate it when things are months or even years after our cousins across the Pond have seen it, and don’t get me started on shows that don’t get picked up at all!

  • Limey T

    Amazing recap, this aired last night in the UK – we’re always behind, Booo! Anyway awesome episode – so glad it’s back. Cassandra is a nasty piece of work. I didn’t buy the bullying or depression excuse either – I think she has issues but not the ones she claims she has. from the smirk on her face she doesn’t feel any sense of responsibility at all and thinks she’s playing everyone again with her transparent ‘I’m such a victim’ act that she is too dumb to be able to keep consistent. I thought from the start her rage and choice of people to bully probably stems from jealousy. Whatever the reason she’s clearly unhinged. Or to use the technical term: bat.shit.crazy. Roll on next week!

  • Lovelyval

    Great recap! I agree with previous commenters so nothing to add there other than I vote for Mev.

  • labowner

    If Craig were a girl he would be on Teen Mom instead of Catfish.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I used to think that nobody would be dumb enough to fall for a Nigerian con either, until I watched this show and figured P. T. Barnum was right: There’s a sucker born every minute.

  • Chicken Lips

    I watch this show thinking, “C’mon – this one isn’t that dumb! No one can be that dumb, right?” and “Jesus – who has that kind of time on their hands to craft this little catfish world?!”

    I love (sarcastic love) these bitches/bastards that are tricking the (apparently?) simpleminded and then feel absolutely no remorse. Well, no remorse until it is time for Nax (Nev and Max) to head over for more camera time because they know if they don’t show remorse that they won’t get on TV because we’ve already had that story (I don’t remember who it was, but I remember it was some guy that came to a park and basically said, “Yeah, you thought I was a girl, you bad person looking for love on the internet! Peace out!”) and we aren’t gonna do that again, so you’d best concoct your story to cover up the fact that you are an asshole and show you are sorry.

  • caffeine72

    Seriously! I was bullied to a point and have generalized anxiety disorder with depression. I always felt bad about this girl in middle school who was a big target to the mean girls and that she must hate me (yay, anxiety and crippling guilt!) until I ran into her like 15 years later when she was in law school at the same place I was in grad school and she said that she had always wanted to thank me for being so nice to her. A) It depressed the shit out of me that my not being an asshole to her was such a bright moment in her life; B) She came out of it fine in the end; and C) Having bad chemicals doesn’t make you an asshole. Being an asshole makes you an asshole. If you’re redeemable, you look back, feel guilt/shame and change your behavior. This moron is not redeemable.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    @Big Pink Box and @churble, so sorry to hear you were bullied. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the mindset of people who do that. Ugly to the bone. As a card-carrying Poindexter (no nerds or geeks in those days), I also had run-ins with bullies. It’s the only time being an army brat and having to move every year was a blessing.

  • churble

    I 100% agree with both of you about depression not leading you to bully. Being bullied also doesn’t lead you to bully. I was bullied to the point where my guidance counselor recommended to my parents that I change schools for my own safety. And struggled with depression severe enough that even my WASPy “nothing to see here, everything is perfect” mother saw I needed help. Not once did it ever occur to me or anyone I’ve known in similar situations to become absolutely terrible people and make someone else’s life miserable. I just wanted to disappear, and would have done anything to make sure NO ONE was looking at me, especially not looking at me and adding my bitchiness to the list of reasons to hate me.

    And the voice… yeah… I thought Craig seemed like a pretty sweet guy for the most part, but who in their right mind would hear that voice, look at those pictures and think “yup, sounds good to me” hell no.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    That’s a piss poor excuse that she was bullied. I seriously doubt it, and suspect Cassandra has always been the bully. I’m sure she does have low self esteem, but she compensates by hurting people. Normal people who have been bullied develop compassion for the plight of others in the same position. They don’t turn into a sadistic succubus.

    I’ve suffered from depression all my life and it’s bullshit that it drives you to bully anyone. @Big Pink Box is totally correct, it takes too much energy to drag yourself out of bed, let alone function. Yay chemicals!

    I can’t get over how gullible Craig, his sister and her friends were. To give anyone your password, oh son, you were standing behind the door when the street smarts were parceled out.

    I’m still scratching my head as to how in hell Craig thought Cassandra’s voice came out of the whitebread, perky girl in the photo.

  • Big Pink Box

    Sorry if my formatting is fucked up, my Nexus hates me!

  • Big Pink Box

    You know, I mean… like… you know, she’s a sociopath I mean like, you know she’s like all totally amoral, you know what I mean? I mean, she pretends to, you know, feel like sorry for like… Craig, but I mean, at the end of Chatfish (you know, I like LOVE that name) her like… mask, it like slips and um… I mean like, she like admits she like thinks it’s mostly like Craig’s fault for, you know, falling for it.

    I actually started screaming out loud at the TV while the after show was on. She is living proof that money can not buy everything. I’m not going to trash her looks, they’re not her fault and genetics aren’t something you can change. Same goes for her alleged depression, if it’s real, because it is a terrible thing to live with, and again, we can’t change our genetic makeup it was her deviousness andr attitude that were the ugliest things about her.

    However, i doubt her “I was bullied, I’m depressed” act. I was bullied horrifically, but I would never think “Hmm, I know what I’ll do! I’ll torment people, sexually harass therm, dox them, and destroy their lives. That’ll make it all better!”. I would not inflict genuine depression on my worst enemy. She’s undoubtedly spent a lot of time whining and feeling sorry for herself, probably shed a few tears too, but that’s not depression, that’s just sadness. When I was depressed I didn’t even have the energy to climb out of bed, never mind create an elaborate scam to hurt people to humiliate and depress them. Then again, I have a conscience. Her constant twisted smirk shows that she probably hasn’t.

    Her toxic jealousy and spite, combined with her complete disregard for the feelings of other people, made for a potentially disastrous outcome. Not to mention that rage of hers, which was off the charts in that YouTube clip. Miriah’s former friends, the former BFFs, seemed genuinely traumatised by the experience. People have killed themselves for a lot iless than having pics of them in their underwear circulated on Facebook, along with identifying info and details of where they attend school. She’d probably have laughed it off if one of her victims hurt themselves over her vicious bullying. One of the K girls even said that she’d been cyberbullied after Cassandra circulated her pictures.

    Craig seemed so sweet and trusting. I don’t think he’s necessarily stupid, he just seems like thgr type of person who always looks for th good in other people, and was desperately in need of some love and support. That’s something that people like Cassandra can almost smell, like sharks smelling blood in the water. She used those things against him, she pressed every button, until he didn’t know which way was up.

    I’m sure he’ll find someone soon, I don’t doubt that he will be up to his neck in interested girls!

    CTdubs, what’s Facebook Clast? I don’t use FB, and wondered how she used that to hurt people.