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  • kelli3222

    Thanks, I’ve been hoping you’d come back and let us know. That’s really awesome, especially your Tommy Shaw coke, lol, I’m a Texan so I know how vital cokes are in the bottle! 😉 And I agree, the season was way too short. Like I said hope they’re still doing Interior Therapy!

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Well it answers that burning question, “where does Survivor come up with their lame challenges….”

  • Chicken Lips

    That’s an awesome story – thanks for sharing! It’s good to know that when people appear not to be dicks on TV it isn’t just an act (unless it was an act with TNGuy, too lol). I think Jeannie has her dick moments on the show, but just because she knows what she wants and she’s strong willed like Jeff not because she’s an actual dick.

    And the fact that he said Jeff is a nice person helps support my position that he’s just a big douche for the cameras but deep down he’s pretty nice and probably a decent boss at the end of the day. Unless it is all lies!

    And totally off topic – whenever these 2 are on the show, I think about that scene in Big Daddy when the little boy is on the stand in court and says, “I learned that Styx was one of the greatest American rock bands, and they only got a bad rap because most critics are cynical assholes.”

  • that facilitator guy seemed like a real hack, those “games” were from the 80’s (the 1880’s).

  • TN Gal

    Here I am!! I wasn’t sure if anyone saw the post or was interested. 😉
    So, TNGuy is an audio engineer and his company sent him to oversee the move-in and installation of Tommy’s studio equipment. He said both Jeannie and Tommy were there and could not have been any nicer or down to earth. He said Jeannie was a firecracker who gets shit done and is funny as hell, and Tommy is very laid back and quiet. Super nice people, he said. The semi was too large to go down the driveway, so Hubby had $300k worth of Tommy’s guitar’s in the back of his truck (he took a picture of the gear).
    The house isn’t finished, it is still being worked on. However, the downstairs is done (a full kitchen, Tommy’s studio, a big living area, etc.), and Hubby said it is gorgeous. They purchased Donna Summers’ old house, and turned her make-up room into the guitar room. Hubby asked Tommy what Jeff Lewis was really like. Tommy said he is very intense, direct, and straight to the point, but that he knows his stuff, and is a nice person.
    Hubby said Tommy was like a kid in a candy store when his equipment started being unpacked, and he finally had to put a new guy with Tommy to talk shop, while everything was set up, so he could work. While unpacking, they found a stage back-drop from the band Nelson (yes, that Nelson), and Hubby jokingly suggested they throw it over the fence, since one of the Nelsons lives down the street. Jeannie took the joke further and said she would climb the tree in the front yard and hang it from there, leaving them to wonder “where the fuck did that come from??!”.
    Anyhoo, Hubby said they were great people and offered the guys water, Cokes, etc. Tommy handed Hubby a Coke in the bottle (best kind!), and Hubby saved it and brought it home to me. It sits in my fridge, and no one is allowed to drink my Tommy Shaw Coke! 🙂

    Thanks for all of the recaps. It was a very short season.

  • Just want to thank you, Miss Kitty, for a season of superb recaps. Kiss Harrison’s tummy for me!

  • These “team building” things are always a horror. I always want them to end with a fist fight, like the one on RHNJ. Being a facilitator for one gets my vote for the lowest depth of misery. I had to go to one a few years ago that I thought I could just live through and get a free lunch — then I “won” the lottery for “team leader.” Shoot me NOW.

  • kelli3222

    Oh how I will miss this group, season was way too short! I’m hoping Jeff, Jenni & Zoila wil be back solving others dysfunction while designing On Interior Therapy! Really want a comment from @TN Gal about Tommy & Jeannie Shaw’s new house in Nashville. She said in the last recap she’d let us know! 🙂 @MissKitty, great job on the recaps, I can say you honestly had me laughing my ass off!


    All I have to say is this season sucked. And I hate Gage. He is wrong for Jeff. Gage makes the show suck more too.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I hate practical jokes as much as Jeff hates holding hands. (So you know I just loved that doucherocket, Ashton Cooches’ show, Punked.) A new agey, touchy-feely retreat with a high colonic chaser would be my worst nightmare. Interesting that they borrowed the water-throwing game from Survivor.

    Zoila likes threesomes? I hope she was just telling us that she likes the three tenors, the three stooges and the Holy Trinity, because I don’t want my imagination to go there.

    Silly, silly Andrew, you are in a never ending game of keep-away, and you are permanently it. No retreat will change that dynamic. Andrew is the butt of the joke. My daddy was a mean tease which taught me early on that the only response that works is a deadpan Buster Keaton. Bullies lose interest when they don’t get any gratification and find someone else to pick on.

    Glad that Hamilton was getting into the spirit of it with an excellent dead cockroach impression.

  • Chicken Lips

    The whole time I was watching this, I was thinking about if my team were to do this. First of all, I’m not claiming that I’m the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’m a friggin’ genius compared to some of the people I work with. There is a definite difference between book-smart and smart. Even before we got to the namby pampy touchy feely bullshit I’d be ready to jump off a friggin’ bridge because I would rather off myself than put up with idiots and there won’t be enough time to kill them all. Secondly, I wouldn’t trust any of those people any further than I could throw them. And I’m sure as hell not holding their hands.

    Gage cracks me the hell up – I can’t even describe why.

    I have a feeling that Jeff is just a big ass for the cameras but when they aren’t around things are a little more normal and that he really is a nice guy and a decent boss.